Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Visiting the Amalfi Coast, and Positano in particular is something I have wanted to do for years now. I visited with my parents once when I was thirteen and absolutely fell in love with the views, the food, the people… the whole thing! So after over a full year of no travel I thought to myself there is no time like the present and booked my flights.

To get to the Amalfi Coast the easiest way is to fly into Naples International Airport. From Ireland, you can get direct flights with a number of different airlines from Dublin Airport making it a really easy destination to get to. From Naples, you can hire a car (which I don’t recommend unless you are a confident driver) or take public transport to where your first stop on your trip is. Most people either spend their first night in Naples, or go to Sorrento which is the first main stop along the Amalfi coast tourist wise.

Marina Grande


Obviously I wish there was so much more that we could do and I have already ear marked Naples as a place to go back to visit the tiny island of Procida and it’s larger sister Ischia along with going back to Capri, but never the less we crammed as much sight seeing as we could over the five days to really take in what the Amalfi Coast has to offer.


On our first day we arrived quite late into Naples, we rented a car and foolishly asked for an upgrade and ended up getting a Jeep-type car. You do NOT want a car this big if you are navigating the roads along the Amalfi Coast! We really regretted our decision once we got out of Naples and onto the narrow, winding coastal roads but our bed had been made at that stage. For our first night we chose to stay in Sorrento and spent the night down at the Marina Grande where you will find a host of amazing restaurants and bars by the waterfront, and it is an exceptional location to watch sunset while you dine! Sorrento is a great base for traveling around the Amalfi Coast and it is much less hilly and larger than Positano making it a better choice for those with walking issues, lower levels of fitness along with being much less crowded and it’s a lot cheaper. For family holidays or larger groups, Sorrento is definitely the best place to set up shop for your visit.

Marina Piccola


On our second day we headed to the port in Sorrento and took the fast speed ferry to Capri. We bought our tickets at the kiosk that morning but during busier times you can buy your ticket online here. Capri is nothing short of AMAZING. Arriving into the port the buildings are absolutely stunning, and our hotel which was situated at the other side of the island is honestly a must-book. La Canzone Del Mare is a hotel and beach club overlooking one of the biggest attractions in Capri, the Faraglioni Rocks making the view absolutely stunning (and you have one thing checked off by breakfast!!). The hotel had EVERYTHING that you would want and I’m sure during busier seasons the beach club aspect of this hotel makes it an even better place to stay.

A few things to do in Capri are:
Marina Piccola. This Marina is right beside the hotel that we stayed in La Cazone Del Mare and is the top beach destination in Capri. The crystal clear water and the view of the Faraglioni rocks make it the perfect place to spend your day relaxing.
Visit the Blue Grotto. You can do this by boat, or by queuing at the mouth of the cave which you can reach by bus or taxi. Once your turn comes around you hope into a small wooden row boat with your captain. First they take you to another boat where you purchase the tickets for entry and then you row in and around the cave where you can admire the beautiful bright blue colours of the water. While we were there two people jumped off their boat for a swim in the grotto which I didn’t know you were allowed do before I went, so if this is something you might like make sure to ask your captain!
Walk around Capri Town and take in all of the amazing designer shops. Before going to Capri I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t streets lined with shops like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes! Even if you aren’t into luxury fashion it’s a nice place to visit as the streets are gorgeous and there are still local boutiques that you can go into, along with restaurants and cafes.


On our third day we sadly had to leave the island of Capri to head further on our journey. We got a fast ferry back from Capri to Sorrento where we picked our car back up and drove the coastal roads until we reached our next destination, Positano.

If you are unfamiliar with Positano then you must be living under a rock (or don’t have Instagram!). This destination floorded my Instagram feed for the last two Summers due to it’s picturesque town layout sprawled up along the hill making the views from the water and the beach spectacular. Positano is such a unique place, but this does come with a price tag! It was without a doubt the most expensive place that we stopped on our trip with a beach lounger costing €25 each and an Aperol Spritz will set you back €14 compared to €7 further along the coast. Despite the costs, it is a truly stunning location and honestly your time is spent best here wandering the streets and lying on the beach, taking in the iconic view. Also, if you are looking for a beach that is slightly less crowded than the main beach in Positano you can visit Fornillo Beach on the other side of the cliff. The view isn’t as great, but it’s still a gorgeous beach with crystal clear water and restaurants and facilities on the beach front. Just be warned there are about 200 steps down to it (but considering the town it’s located in, I guess that isn’t surprising to hear!)

Minori Beach
On our fourth day we decided to hop in our car and really explore the Amalfi Coast! Positano might be one of the more well known locations, but it is certainly not the only reason that the Amalfi coast has been put on the map. Our tops along the Amalfi Coast were:
#1: Fiorodo di Furore – this is a bridge overlooking a beach along the coast. There is absolutely no parking near the bridge so to access the beach, or to take in the views from the bridge itself it is best to rent a scooter as you can park close to the edge of the (very narrow!) road. We parked in a small cafe at the side of the road a few minutes walk up the road but it was on the condition that we purchased coffees and took no longer than 40 minutes as they needed the spaces back for lunch. They were really nice to let us park there and I don’t think it is something they can afford to everyone. I also think we got lucky as we visited towards the end of the season and mid-week. Parking talk out of the way, this is truly one of my favourite spots I have ever gone for a swim at! The winding steps down the side of the cliff lead you to the small and intimate beach at the bottom and once you get down, the arched bridge perfectly frames the scenery right out into the open waters. If you stay at the beach long enough you will get to see boats coasting along the coast that come in under the bridge for a peak which is really nice as well! If you can make a visit here work, I would really recommend it!

#2: Amalfi: The town of Amalfi is the next main stop along the coast after Positano. If you are looking for somewhere a little less of a tourist trap you could always base yourself here instead of the town of Positano. It’s much larger, but offers those same gorgeous views of houses perched along the cliffs. Like anywhere on this coast, there are stunning beaches, water sports available, gorgeous beach from restaurants and small Italian streets to walk through and enjoy. Right after Amalfi you will find the tiny town of ‘Atrani’ but unfortunately, it is so small we accidentally missed it!

#3: Ravello: If you are looking for something a little more rustic, and a little less ‘beachy’ then Ravello is the perfect place for you! This resort town is perched 365 metres above sea level ensuring stunning views no matter where you are in the town! Most of the main roads into the town were closed off when we went meaning we couldn’t explore it in all it’s glory but I saw just enough that I would happily go back. There are several private villas here that you can visit with botanical gardens and amazing views.

#4: Minori: Honestly, Minori was my favourite spot along the entire coast – including Positano! Much, much smaller than both Positano and Amalfi this town had so much charm, the water was somehow even clearer and more beautiful than further up the coast and everything cost half the price (which was a nice surprise!). I think a bed on the beach here cost us between €7-10 each compared to €25 in Positano, and on a less crowded and more comfortable beach. If you are looking to travel down the coast, please, please make sure you go down as far as this little gem! We finished our tour of the coast here and turned back to go back to Positano after this, but if you have the time you can keep going and visit Maiori, Erchie, Cetara and down to the city of Salerno.
On our last day along the coast we drove back up the coast, passed Sorrento and spent the day exploring the ruins in Pompeii. You can find out more about visiting by clicking the link here. Please be warned that the only tickets that are valid (so we were told) are by the establishment themselves and if someone offers you tickets on the street to please not buy them as they are not legitimate. Pompeii is absolutely HUGE so make sure you give yourself plenty time to walk along the ruins of the old town and really take it all in. In total, I think we spent over two hours walking around but could have given it at least another hour if not two! After visiting, we went back to Sorrento where we spent the afternoon walking along the busy streets and visiting the main square.
The Amalfi Coast is honestly to die for. There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to describe just how stunning it is, and each location offers something unique to the next, while still being just as gorgeous. If you are thinking about visiting here, this is your sign to book the tickets and just go! If you have any questions about this area please let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram here.

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