Have you ever visited somewhere and you just weren’t that sure about it? That’s how I felt after my short stay in Dubrovnik.

View of Rixos Hotel

Admittedly I spent less than 48 hours in Dubrovnik, so there is definitely a lot for me to still see and do there. Nevertheless, my short visited has led me to have quite a strange opinion of the place. My parents were looking at going there for a holiday and it was only then I realized that while it isn’t somewhere I would ward people away from, it also isn’t somewhere I would recommend people to go.

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly a beautiful place. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic surround it, and the old town is one of the nicest old towns in all of Europe. The big, towering walls make it a real sight to behold, and while you are exploring within them you will find yourself lost down narrow alleys in a series of adventures.


The part about Dubrovnik I wasn’t too keen on were the crowds. I’m talking hundreds and hundreds of people and they were just everywhere. We had to queue to get into the gates of the old town, something that we were not used to from places like Montenegro. The worst part about the crowds was that they were mostly from cruise ships so when you actually wanted them around to create a buzz at night they were all gone and the old town was almost eerily quiet come nightfall. It’s also a lot more expensive than everywhere else (both in Croatia, and it’s neighbouring countries) but honestly I can’t begrudge them of that because it is also one of the best kept old towns I have visited so money is clearly going back into it’s restoration.

View fo Old Town, Dubrovnik
View of Old Town, Dubrovnik

In saying this, I definitely enjoyed my stay. There is no doubt that it is a beautiful part of the country and I think I would like to go again down the line and give it another chance. There are also an abundance of activities to do while you are there and plenty places to visit.

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan they run tours of the city showing you all the different places from the show. We caught one while we were visiting Fort Lovrijenac (which is the Red Keep!) and they tell you so much about the place, and the show which is great. While you are at the fort you also have the amazing view shown above of the Old Town. It’s 37 metres above the Adriatic so the view you get from there is amazing – and I think it only cost about €3 to go in and look around.

Stradun, Old Town Dubrovnik

Within the Old Town there is so much to do. The ‘pile gate’ which is the main entrance into the city still to this day is a sight to behold, and once you get in you are faced with the main area called the ‘Stradun’ shown in the image above- the perfect spot for people watching, passing time and exploring the restaurants and cafes along it. A small warning if you get ice cream before you go into the Old Town and go near the parrots they often show off… they will try and steal it from you!

There are a range of different places to discover within the old town walls, such as The Square Of Loggia which acts as a central gathering point for both visitors and citizens. The day that I visited here there was a play being re-enacted on the steps as almost a hundred people watched. The big fountain of Onofrio and St. Saviours Church are both a short walk from the Pile Gate. Although usually quite crowded with people, it is still a lovely sight to behold and definitely something to look out for on your adventures. Before leaving the old town you can also take a stroll along the top of the city walls! Unfortunately it was too expensive for me at the time, and with such a beautiful view of the old town from Fort Lovrijenac we opted against it.

Fort Lovrijenac
Fort Lovrijenac

After our short stint in Dubrovnik we took a short bus ride to Mostar in Bosnia which is only about 2 and a half hours of a drive away. We took a bus which took 3 and a half hours and cost €15 one way. If you have a long stay in Dubrovnik I would definitely recommend visiting here for even one night as it is really beautiful and reasonably close!

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? Or is it somewhere you would like to visit?

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28 thoughts on “48 Hours In Dubrovnik

  1. Completely agreed, I think Game of Thrones has ruined Dubrovnik a little though, before the series they would only get a few hundred tourists each yeah and it was a proper working town, not it’s absolutely tourist crazy which has spoilt it

    1. It’s the same with Northern Ireland where they shoot.. Game of Thrones just draws so much attention! It’s a real pity. We went end very end of September and there were still hundreds of tourists!

    2. I found it was already crazy busy when I was there in 2009 though. Admittedly it was June, and there was a cruise ship in, but I’m not sure it’s all GoT fever. This is actually the first I heard that it was filmed there.

      1. If you went back now you’d definitely notice the difference GOT has had, every shop is selling their merchandise and there are game of thrones posters literally everywhere they have GOT tours you can do and you can even sit on the iron throne. It’s like it’s not even about Dubrovnik anymore it’s more about visiting Kings landing

  2. I was in Dubrovnik last summer. Just like you said, it was extremely crowded. I had imagined crowds but not on that scale. That meant higher prices, queues etc. We actually just spent an afternoon there and it was enough for me to appreciate the beauty of this stunning walled town. My favorite country from my Euro trip last summer was Montenegro 🙂 Extremely beautiful, still safe from mass tourism and such reasonable prices..

    1. Yeah when we went there was pretty much a queue to get both in and out of the old town through the pile gate! I don’t think it is fair to compare Croatia to Montengro though because Montenegro is just in a lead of its own! 🙂

  3. I visited Dubrovnik in November and was blessed with relatively few tourists. 🙂 The city is beautiful and I particularly enjoyed the walk around the city on the walls. Sorry you missed that one! –Curt

  4. I spent a week in Dubrovnik 2 years ago and I felt the same! There’s no doubt it’s beautiful and unique, but by the end of the second day we’d done it all and ended up feeling a little bored. I’m glad I visited there but can’t say I’d go again! <3

  5. Too bad about the crowds, however, I still want to go as the scenery in and around that area looks stunning. Good for photos! I must admit I am a Game of Thrones fan and so of course that’s a part of the draw, but I don’t normally choose vacation spots based on television shows… That said, I did visit some GOT spots in Northern Ireland while on the Antrim Coast, and can completely understand why they chose the spots they did… the scenery is absolutely stunning in every direction! Maybe there is an off season for Dubrovnik?

    1. Yeah I didn’t chose it because of GoT, but it was definitely a bonus and makes you look around a lot more to try and spot familiar places! I think more towards Autumn/Winter Dubrovnik would be quite quiet, but you would not be as blessed with the weather. Funnily enough I live only an hour and a half from Antrim and have not seen the GoT sights there! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  6. Dubrovnik looks really beautiful, but crowds are always something that I don’t enjoy so much. I prefer travelling to less popular places and having the sights sometimes all to myself! Bosnia, on the other hand, really appeals to me! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Dubrovnik looks absolutely stunning! I visited Split almost 5 years ago and have been meaning to head back and see much much more of Croatia ever since. It’s certainly still an underrated European destination and pretty inexpensive to explore. Was 48 hours long enough? Love the old walls!

  8. I find it interesting how every single spot in our world has something to offer. We may not choose to stay for long but it is always worth a stop!

  9. I totally get it. Large crowds really take away from my enjoyment of a place too! Apart from the long queues, just the overall noise and chatter also get to me after a while. I’m glad you still managed to have some fun though 🙂

    1. Yeah, just having people everywhere is annoying even if they aren’t personally in your way! The worse part is when there are so many people that they swarm around the attractions.. but it is such a beautiful place so I really couldn’t stay too mad haha! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  10. It looks such a beautiful city and I’ve wanted to see it for a while (I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, I always just thought it looks pretty) but I think I’d plan an off season trip to try and avoid some of the crowds – I didn’t realise it gets so busy!

    1. I think it is meant to be even worse when you go right in the middle of Summer, as I went at the end of September! I think maybe early October or around March might be the most quiet times & would still be relatively warm 🙂

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