How To Spend A Day In Malmo

When I decided to book a trip to Copenhagen recently I couldn’t help but plan a day trip to Malmö to see what Sweden was like. Much like when I visited Tallinn and took a day trip to Helsinki, I wanted to visit another country on this trip also and really feel like I made the most of my time away.

Visiting Malmö from Copenhagen will only set you back roughly €10 each way by train, and they go very frequently. There were trains every hour on the day that we went and the trip itself only takes about 40 minutes in total across the Øresund bridge.

Arriving in Malmö, you are more or less in the heart of the city and what it has to offer. Much like Copenhagen, we found the general vibe of Malmö to be incredibly laid back and relaxed – a refreshing change to somewhere as fast-paced as Dublin. So, what is there to do in Malmö?

Boat Tours


The first thing we did when we arrived in Malmö was take a boat tour. It was something that we wanted to do in Copenhagen and never got a chance, so I was delighted to get the opportunity when we visited here. The tour lasted about 45-50 minutes and highlights all of the different areas and things that the city has to offer. Firstly going through the port and showing you buildings such as the turning torso, you soon end up going along the periphery of some of the many parks that the city has to offer and the views are stunning. For only around €15 each I thought that this was a great way to see the city, and helped us plan where we wanted to see next.

Walk Through One Of Their Many Parks

Malmo Park

Malmö is known as the city of parks, and there is a very good reason for this! I think we spent the majority of our time here wandering through park upon park and it just never got old. There was so much to see as we wandered around. There is Kungsparken & Slottsparken which are joined together and surround you with ducks and ponds, Pildammsparken which is a large green open space but my ultimate favourite had to be Slottsträdgården within Kungsparken which is a vibrant park come botanic garden that also boasts its very own wind mill – it is gorgeous! Funnily enough all of these parks are within a very short distance of each other so you will end up going from one to the other without barely even noticing.

Visit The Beach

Didn’t think that Malmo as your usual beach destination? Well, think again! Their gorgeous beach ‘Ribersborg Beach’ just a short distance from the city centre, it is the most popular beach to frequent in the city and is usually taken over by BBQ’s and parties in the Summer evenings. It’s definitely worth taking the short ten minute cycle out here to see the views!

What Was Our Verdict?

Boat Tour Malmo
View From Our Boat Tour

We spent less than twenty four hours in Malmo doing the above and absolutely loved it there. On a nice day you can also enjoy your food along the canal with other groups of people and even pick up a few bottles of beer while you are at it. We were really pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous the city was, as well as how much it had to offer. My boyfriend even said he preferred it to Copenhagen and that isn’t the first person I have heard say that which is really interesting. Food here was also cheaper than Copenhagen and with so much of the activities in the city being free, it’s a great city if you are on a budget.

If you are visiting Copenhagen I think you would be a fool to miss out on experiencing this amazing little city! Have you ever been, or would you take the time to go here? Let me know!

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