Recently I was looking for somewhere to have a nice, relaxing weekend break away. I thought, hey, I’ve never been to Denmark so why not travel to Copenhagen?! Flights are quite cheap from Ireland with Ryanair and the flight time is roughly two and a half hours – the only thing holding me back until now has been the cost of actually being there. I’m meant to be a fully fledged adult now so I didn’t want this to get in the way of me visiting there any longer and booked the flights!

Copenhagen was everything I ever dreamed of. They really have a slower pace of life compared to here in Dublin which meant it was the perfect place to actually relax. Even better still, we got amazing weather for our weekend there which made a big difference. We were in Copenhagen for two days as we spent a day in Malmo, Sweden. I felt like two days was the perfect amount of time to relax while still seeing what the city really had to offer. We weren’t staying in the city centre, but we were only about 20 minutes walk away and were quite close to the water which was really nice. It was an ‘apartment hotel’ which is something I have never stayed in before! It is basically set out exactly the same as hotel in terms of reception area, breakfast, long corridors, etc but our room had a kitchen/sitting room as well as a bedroom and bathroom. You can check it out here as I would highly recommend it!

Copenhagen really exceeded all expectations that I had. Here are some of my top things to see and do if you are visiting:

Rent A Bike

Cycling In Copenhagen

Before you decide to go anywhere you need to rent a bike! I was told this before I went over and took basically no heed to it, but then because our hotel rented bikes for about €18 a day we said we would give it a go. It is honestly the best way to get around the city! The bikes that they have on offer are usually cruisers which are really comfortable and easy to cycle. Ours came with locks so we could hop on and off as we chose. We just found them so amazing to get around the city and because the weather was so nice, it was enjoyable in itself. The city is used to cyclists so you don’t feel like you are getting in the way and there are cycle lanes on pretty much every road! Because cycling is so popular you also feel a lot safer leaving your bike lying around. I would be apprehensive locking a bicycle in Dublin (there are some nifty wheel-thiefs knocking around!!) but with every place worth visiting having 30+ bikes outside it you know that it is a place you can trust it is safe.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park located smack bang city centre of Copenhagen. The closer you get to the park, you will notice the tall rides towering above buildings! There is something for everyone in these gardens – you don’t have to just come for the rides. The food offering is great as well with lanes upon lanes where you can get all different types, and if that isn’t you thing you can literally just walk around and take in the views. Bands are playing randomly throughout with gardens and small ponds sprinkled everywhere – I can’t stress enough how there is something for everyone here! Admission is 120DKK which is roughly €16 but if you want to get a pass that includes the rides it would be more.

The Church Of Our Saviour

Our Saviour Church View
View From The Top Of The Church!

I have to say apart from the bikes, this was my favourite thing in Copenhagen! I’m not sure exactly how popular it is to go here, as the queue was not that long when we arrived. The Church of our Saviour is a church with an exceptionally tall steeple and bell tower. The best part about this is there are actually steps and a railing twisting around the steeple! For €6 you gain entry into the tower where you climb, and climb, and climb! You keep going indoors until you eventually reach a small ladder that brings you out into a viewing platform at the base of the steeple. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good view while abroad. From here, you can continue to climb the steps around and around until you get to the very last step! There is no viewing platform at the top, the last step literally ends up with you wedged between the building and the railing holding you from falling over the edge! I’m not the best with heights so I was giving out and shaking for the most part but the views on the clear day that we got were just something else! For €6 and a really unique experience I don’t think this is something that could be missed.


Kastellet Red Rows
The Red Rows In Kastellet

The Kastellet which means ‘Citadel’ in English is a star shaped fortress in the city centre of Copenhagen. This fortress is home to the military and if you visit, you will more than likely see them patrolling the perimeters. The fortress is genuinely lovely to walk around as the star shape is defined by the canal which runs around the boundaries. In the Kastellet you will find ‘Rows’ which are rows of red houses used for Soliders in previous times, Bastions and there are two gates leading in and out of the fortress. Just outside the boundaries lies St.Albans Church. There is not much to the church but in the season we went it was surrounded by blossoms on trees and as we crossed the bridge towards it, it was just a really beautiful sight!


Ah, Nyhaven! Surely, if you have ever looked up Denmark you have set eyes on these bright and beautiful buildings by the water! Even if you didn’t know it at the time, you have probably seen this iconic street once in your life. Made up of various different restaurants by the docks, Nyhaven is the perfect place to go for a stroll and grab a bite to eat or a drink – just be willing to pay the price for it if you do visit!

Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania

Unfortunately we didn’t get time to explore the Freetown of Christiania. We actually got much closer than I thought on further inspection of our cycle route but I digress! Christiania is a green and car-free safe haven best known for it’s occupants – usually hippies! Freetown Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature. Apparently there is a sign with rules on the do’s and donts once you enter the area for example photographing the area is frowned upon due to the locals frequent has dealings!

Things To Note About The City

Aside from what we saw and did in the city there are a few points I would like to speak about.

  • LANGUAGE: Their English is amazing (if you didn’t already assume that!) so for any English speakers the visit is a real doddle.
  • COST: People speak about the cost of there a lot and how it is very expensive but honestly we found you just have to be clever. We ended up spending €9 on a bottle of beer each on the first night and quickly came to realise that while you can find a relatively cheap meal in the city – you will really keep the cost down by just opting not to drink! We didn’t really end up speaking to anyone over there to be honest but for the most part everyone seemed quite friendly and nice to deal with.
  • TAXIS: Don’t even think about getting Taxi’s while you’re there. A lot of the streets within the city centre are pedestrianised it’s honestly easier to just walk or cycle around.
  • TRAINS: While we are on the subject of transport, I would recommend getting a train to and from the airport. The trains are very frequent into the city centre from the airport and only cost something like €5? Because the airport is located roughly 15 minutes from the city centre this really is your best bet at getting around.
  • SAFETY: I would have happily gone here on a solo adventure and felt just as safe as I did with my boyfriend. The whole city is so clean and friendly. Obviously always take the obvious precautions but as far as cities go, it’s a good one!

Cherry Blossoms in Copenhagen

These are just some of the things that I got up to while I was in Copenhagen and some of the things we noticed while we were there. The relaxed vibe of the city makes you feel as though you don’t have to rush off your feet to get a list of things to see checked off. It is the first place I have ever visited where I thought ‘god, I wouldn’t mind living here actually’ because their way of life just seems so relaxed and care free – but in the best way possible! To find out more about Copenhagen and what it has to offer click here!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen or would you consider visiting after reading this? Let me know!


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