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I suppose it’s just because of pure familiarity but you always seem to neglect the amazing things you can do in your hometown. Now, I’m not actually from Adare but I’m not from too far away. I have always been a sucker for home but growing up Adare just seemed to be more of a traffic nightmare than somewhere nice to spend your days but my thoughts have definitely changed.

It was only recently when I brought friends down from Dublin that I thought ‘this is actually a really nice spot to be able to bring someone’. While the weather wasn’t in our favour for the weekend that was in it, it still got me thinking of all that you can do in Adare over a weekend. With the re-opening of Adare Manor this week causing the village to be in the spotlight I suppose it got me thinking even more! Here are the top ten things I would recommend if you are ever visiting Adare:

  1. Stroll Through The Village Itself

    The village is extremely cute. Filled with a mixture of colourfully painted buildings and old thatch cottages it really is adorable. There are an array of boutique shops with everything from clothes to crafts. There is something for everyone – but be warned they are not on the cheap side!

  2. Visit Desmond Castle

    A majestic castle sitting on the River Maigue at the edge of Adare. Tours of the 13th century Norman Castle operate daily from June to September by Shuttle Bus from the Heritage Centre not too far from the castle. The walls here are full of history and the view onto the river is enough in itself to take a visit here.

  3. Enjoy The Adare River Walk

    Adare lies on the River Maigue making it the perfect place for a beautiful River Walk. The route is extremely easy to follow and only takes about 30 minutes and caters to all fitness levels. Taking you from one side of the village to the other, I like to do the walk and then treat myself to an ice cream on the way back to my car (balance, right?)

  4. Go Golfing On A World Class Course

    Adare is renowned for its golf courses boasting two 18-hole courses in the one village. Huge tournaments like the Pro-Am have been held here and there are talks of it being a contender to hold the Ryder Cup in the future. If, like me, golfing isn’t really your thing then don’t fear! They have a pitch-and-putt course that costs less than €10 per person and makes for a great day out!

  5. Make It A Spa Break

    If you are looking to relax then Revas Spa in the Woodlands is 100% the place to go. It is tranquil beyond belief and the whole decor is just stunning. I have only gone once to use the Thermal Suite which comprised of their steam room, sauna, relaxation room and outdoor hot tub and it was just perfection. They have a total of 18 treatments rooms so you will be spoiled for choice on what to get.

  6. Breakfast in The Good Room

    If you are a sucker for a good breakfast then the Good Room is the place to hit up. A sweet little café nestled between the thatch cottages, they have a range of homemade baked goods as well as a killer breakfast menu for the savoury sweethearts out there.

  7. Explore Curraghchase Forest Park

    This is one of the most scenic places in Adare (and considering it is such a scenic place, that’s really saying something!). There is a caravan park & café in operation in the park making it the perfect place to go for a little weekend getaway. With stunning walks by a lake, surrounded by ancient trees there is no nicer place to relax on a nice, sunny day.

  8. Afternoon Tea in Adare Manor

    Adare Manor used to be one of the most majestic hotels in all of Ireland. The 5-star hotel ran inside the walls of an old castle was a fairytale come through, but with a new facelift worth a couple of million euros this hotel has been transformed once more. I haven’t been here for tea yet, but I mean, how could it not be amazing? I’m hoping to get there for Afternoon Tea over Christmas but I hear through the grapevine that it is booking up quickly. Honestly, any reason I can get to enter the majestic front gates will be enough to quench my curiosity and get a glance at the grandeur!

  9. Immerse Yourself In Music

    There are four main pubs in Adare, each with live music on certain nights. Sean Collins bar has live traditional music every Monday and Friday night for those who want the ‘real’ Irish experience! If not, wait until Saturday where a singer/DJ usually plays in Bill Chawkes only a few doors down. There is also Lena Chawkes and Pat Collins which I think are best for food if you’re looking for a good dinner spot.

  10. Take A Walk Through The Park

    I used to love walking through the park on a nice day when I was younger. It has this amazing gazebo in the middle which takes centre stage for wedding pictures. It is a gorgeous place to sit and watch the world go by. The little stream which divides the middle is just a stunning little-added touch!


Adare Gazebo
Park in Adare


Have you ever been to Adare? Are there things in your hometown that you neglect?


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do In Adare

  1. I visited Adare on our way back from Dingle, for two reasons – Google Maps took us that way on our way to and from Dingle, and because we wanted to spend a little time there before we headed back to Dublin. I loved it so much! I found it really charming, and clearly there’s even more to do there then I realised. I’d love to actually include a link to this in my blog post about our road trip to and from Dingle, if that’s alright with you?

    1. When you get nice weather for it and can actually walk around it’s really, really nice! I just hope you didn’t get stuck in too much traffic when you went because it can be a nightmare going through since it’s one of the main ways to get to and from Kerry! Yeah I would absolutely love that, thank you! I actually read your review on Bean In
      Dingle awhile back and was so jealous you
      got to try there.. 😋

      1. There wasn’t a car in sight when we passed through! But now that I know, I might even update my post to warn everyone else I’ve sent that way 😂 Bean in Dingle is still one of my top coffee shops in Ireland, you’ll just have to add Dingle to the list of trips for next year!

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