A Night at Monart Destination Spa

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Monart Wexford Destination Spa

Everyone loves a good, relaxing weekend – and my last weekend was just that. I had the pleasure of spending one night in Monart, a ‘destination spa’ down in Wexford. Nestled away at the edge of Enniscorthy this five-star hotel is a little slice of paradise.

I spent a Friday night here recently as a little get-away. The room is definitely on the expensive side, but it did include use of their thermal suite, dinner and breakfast the next morning. The whole hotel has a ‘robe culture’ and they only ask that you get dressed for dinner as it is a fine dining restaurant. Now, five-star hotels are usually not my preferred choice of stay and in my eyes all beds are the same once I get a good nights sleep – so this was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone.

Monart Country House
Monart Country House

From the moment you arrive at the gates in Monart you are treated like royalty. At the end of the road you have to buzz to drive in the gates where you are met with a gorgeous, old country house covered in ivy. Here, a man will greet you to take your bags and park your car for you while you check in. The reservation desk is quite informal and they go through everything with you in a really nice manner. They take you to your room personally and explain wha the hotel has to offer. Unfortunately they were quite busy when we checked in and our bags took awhile to reach our room – but we were only bothered because we were itching to get changed and check out their Thermal Suite!

Monart Bedroom
Bedroom in Monart

The room is gorgeous and very open. I had given them the heads up that it was our anniversary in a call the week previous so they had even left a card for us and two little treats! The bathroom was probably the most impressive part of the whole room though – it was just stunning!

Thermal Suite
Seats in the Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite and spa is what Monart is really all about though. They have a suggested plan on the wall of the route you should take throughout the spa and how long you should stay in each room. They have rooms I have never even heard of before! (Caladrium, Sanatarium?!). Then at the end of these rooms you are suggested to use the Hydrotherapy Pool. We did a full round of the Thermal Suite and skipped the pool until the next morning when it was empty. Because it had it to ourselves I think it was my favourite part! The evening we arrived we relaxed in one of the relaxation rooms before heading off for our treatments.

The dinner which is included is amazing. You would pay an arm and a leg for a dinner of such a high standard anywhere else. Looking back I don’t think I have never received a meal of that standard in any other restaurant. All in all I think the dinner comes to seven courses. We actually had to skip the tea & coffee at the end because we were so full! The dinner is priced at only €45 each if it’s not included in your room. I must say that cost wise, this was one of their strong points. You would honestly pay €70-100 each for a dinner of that caliber elsewhere. A lot of the areas in Monart are phone free zones – especially the spa & the dining area so I didn’t get to snap any picture of the meal.

Monart Grounds

The grounds around the hotel are really gorgeous. They have a lake out the back with two gorgeous little bridges over them and green lands surround you everywhere you look. It’s a beautiful setting but it wouldn’t take you too long to walk around it from what we saw. It’s a really gorgeous way to pass the time but they definitely rely on the inside of their hotel to entertain you more than the grounds.

Monart Grounds
The Grounds

Breakfast was a bit of a strange experience for me, personally! I was told before arriving that going for breakfast in your robe was the norm here but it’s something my boyfriend and I felt comfortable with. Turns out we were the only people wearing normal clothes when we got down! I think this was definitely the point when we realized that the five star luxurious lifestyle wasn’t really for us as we are much more of a ‘get up and get outside!’ couple rather than one for sitting back and relaxing. Check out isn’t until 12, so by going for breakfast at half 8 we gave ourselves plenty time to explore the spa again and use the pool.


I think personally, this stay wasn’t really for me. I wasn’t comfortable enough to fully embrace the ‘robe culture’ and I prefer to climb a mountain and do activities (like my stay at Lusty Beg Island) than sit in a room in relax. This was definitely just a personal preference though and I can’t state that enough! Everything from the room to the grounds were superb and would be the perfect place for a romantic getaway if relaxing and spa breaks are your thing.

*I paid for this on my own & all views are my own. Price of a room for one night, dinner, extra drinks & two treatments came to a total of €548.

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