With the wonder that is Ryanair, my friend and I managed to bag flights to Cologne for only €19.99 return. There were just two catches to our trip. The first being that the trip was mid week, the second catch being that the trip was only for 24 hours – you get what you pay for!

Airplane Window View

I was excited to go to Cologne because it would be my first time visiting Germany (my 27th country!) even if it was a short and sweet affair. We both arrived clueless with absolutely no pre-determined plans on what we wanted to do. Sometimes this is a good thing, and in this case it really was!

The Koln Bonne Airport is only a short distance from the centre of Cologne but the taxi was pretty steep at €35 for a 15 minute drive. We stayed in a beautiful little apartment a short distance from both The Kolner Dom and The Rhine. The area is really nice and only a few minutes walk from some amazing shopping streets.

Cologne at Night
Cologne at Night

Since we arrived later we got ready and hit the town for a few drinks. One or two failed attempts at finding a good pub (on a Tuesday, bare in mind!) we stumped upon the Jameson Distillery Pub, a fine Irish bar! It was actually quite unintentional that we ended up here as I’m not a huge fan of going to Irish bars abroad but this one had a really good atmosphere, and not many Irish! This got the night going and we eventually after one or two more attempts at finding a bar landed at the Private Mansion Hookah bar. I think Hookah is a bit of a gimmick personally, but personally I also love a good gimmick! So we sat here and drank cheap cocktails until closing. Full with dutch courage (or whatever you call the confidence that a sugary Mai Tai gives you!) we ended up in Vanity Club Cologne. This really, really took me by surprise because the place was pretty hopping for a Tuesday. Apparently it is full to the rafters on a Saturday so it was nearly better for us that it wasn’t a big night.

Due to out late night antics, our next day antics left a little to be desired! We, extremely hungoverly, wandered the streets of Cologne in search for a bit of comfort and some bad food! We checked out The Cologne Cathedral, Colognes biggest and most majestic landmark. The grandeur of this building is really something to behold, and unlike the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, this church is actually a finished piece of art!

Kolner Dom
The Cologne Cathedral

Our only problem after seeing The Dom was that our motivation levels were next near rock bottom, causing us to have very little motivation to explore more of the city. A slow walk along the Rhine followed by falling asleep on a comfortable wall, only to be woken by two lovely old ladies who were worried for our well being. Little did they know our well being had been completely shattered by alcohol a few hours previous! This wasn’t the only unfortunate turn of events that were bestowed upon us, as we were there only four days before the Christmas markets kicked off. Cologne is notorious for their amazing Christmas markets and if the buildings we saw being made were anything to go by, this year is going to be no exception!

Cologne The Rhine
The Rhine


I would love to go back to Cologne armed with a bit more information about the city and a little less devilment in my bones! By night, it was one of the most breathtaking cities I had ever witnessed and by day, one of the most amazing shopping cities I have ever laid eyes on! Considering the flights are always pretty cheap to here I’m sure I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

Have you ever completely wasted your time abroad? And have you ever been to Cologne?


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