Reasons To Visit Mostar

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Stari Most

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina really stole my heart. It might be small, but god, is it beautiful! I don’t know what exactly had drawn me to be so adamant about visiting here but whatever it was – I’m glad it did!

Mostar is definitely a place that will take you by surprise. Although when you research it you will be inundated with pictures of Stari Most (The Old Bridge) the town is so much more than that. Here are some reasons why you should put Mostar on your list.

#1 Stari Most


The main attraction in Mostar and with very good reason. This 16th Century bridge which connects two sides of the city spans 28 metres across the Neretva River and 24 metres high. It stood for 427 years before being destroyed in 1993 in the Bosnian War (something which you can still see evidence of all around the city). But thankfully it was restored and re-opened to the public in 2004.

If you are lucky enough you can watch one of the locals take the giant leap of faith off the bridge, or if you are brave enough you can do it yourself! Onlu those who sign up, go through training off a diving board into the river and show the right technique are granted to make the jump into the amazing, green (and freezing!) river below.

#2 The Markets


The streets are lined with all different kinds of markets and each one is as beautiful as the next. The prices are really really reasonable, for example, you can buy a handmade pair of earrings for as little as €4. The people are very trusting and don’t breath down your neck and follow your every move like markets in other places so you can window shop at your ease, without feeling uncomfortable.

#3 Kravice Falls

A short distance away from Mostar are the Kravice Falls. Compared to Plitvice or even Krka falls in Croatia they are a bit smaller in size, but equally as beautiful. And unlike Plitvice lakes you can take a swim or even rent a boat to paddle around the waters. Be warned that it is a river so the water is absolutely FREEZING! but it’s totally worth taking a dip.

There are places to relax at both sides of the river, the further side being directly beside the falls so I definitely recommend getting in the water to walk across for that. Just remember not to get too warm, because you have to jump back in to walk back!

#4 Blagag Tekke

This is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most holy sites which lies just 12km outside of Mostar. It is a Dervish house built on the cliff side of the Buna River and it is absolutely gorgeous. You can walk around the house and explore the prayer rooms and after you can take a seat at the side of the river in one of the many restaurants.

I visited in low season so unfortunately I don’t think it was running, but in the high season you can get a boat and go into the cave. The water is so clear it’s absolutely beautiful so I imagine it’s a must do if you can avail of it.


#5 The Beauty 

Honestly if you aren’t even going to visit anything, Mostar is still a great place to go for a day and just soak in the beauty. By day it’s hustle and bustle in the streets, and by night the quieter scene and gorgeous views by moon light are there to see. The streets are actually quite uncomfortable to walk on when you don’t have shoes with a good sole on them and the bridge has quite an incline which calls for shoes with a really good grip. If you are a girl who wear’s heels all the time this is definitely not the place for you!

Have you ever been to Mostar? What did you make of it? If you haven’t been do you think it sounds like somewhere you would like to go? 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Reasons To Visit Mostar

  1. I only had a day there, so we visited the bridge and the lakes but it was beautiful! Looks like you had great weather for the time of year you went too 🙂

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