Galway it without a doubt my favourite city in Ireland. While I grew up in Limerick, I am very partial to Cork and now live in Dublin, Galway will always remain my number one, and is even one of my favourites not just in Ireland, but in the world.

There are a thousand and one reasons why Galway is so inviting, from its quaint cobbled streets to its enthusiastic, friendly people. Galway City has such a vibrant night life that can top of a perfect day spent wandering around its streets. I would find it hard to tell you a list of things to do, places to eat and where to rest your head so this will be more of a walk through of the cities finest points.

  • Shop Street is pretty much unavoidable! And although you would think that the clue is in the name, I frequented this street more for it’s pubs than it’s places to shop! Pubs like The King’s Head, The Quay’s, Taffe’s and The Front Door are some of my favourite places to go on this street and are almost guaranteed to have a good crowd in them come nighttime! My favourite would have to be The Quay’s where they host live music every night – the atmosphere is just always amazing in here! There are an abundance up pubs all throughout the street though so there is no need to limit yourself to these
  • Eyre Square is home to some of the most alternative people in Galway. On a sunny day you’ll find this little green in the city packed with people and in Christmas it is converted into a beautiful Christmas Market. There isn’t much to actually do in the square but it is a great spot to both chill and people watch!
  • Spanish Arch or s’parch as they say! Situated at the very end of Quay Street it’s a crime to come here on a sunny day without a can of beer in hand! It’s the perfect place to sit and chill by the water and just let the day pass away.
  • Salthill Beach is only about 2km from the city centre so it’s easily within walking distance, but there is also a bus that runs from Eyre Square too. It’s a gorgeous beach with a lovely, long promenade perfect for strolls in the evening. On nice days (or in storms like some idiots..) there is a pier with three different levels you can jump of. If you’re lucky you can see people do some pretty cool jumps off it! (I was so scared I never even jumped off to lowest tier haha!)
  • Supermac’s isn’t just a fast food restaurant in Galway – it’s a way of life! I have never been somewhere so electric after a night out than this chipper! It is literally the after party once the clubs and pubs are closed where you swap your vodkas for a ‘big dirty garlic cheese chip‘. If you don’t know what Supermac’s is then it’s honestly a must experience in Galway! (and it’s nice when you’re sober too!)
  • McDonaghs fish and chips on Quay Street is a MUST DO! They offer food other than fish if that doesn’t tickle your fancy – but it’s a must try! They have a large queue for a reason! If you are looking for a more sit down kind of meal I would recommend The Quay Street Kitchen. It’s really small but the food is just gorgeous!
  • If you are looking for something a but further out of Galway City itself you can drive along the Sky Road towards Clifden or visit the beauty that is Connemara where there is even a National Park to wander around and discover the beauty of rural Ireland.
  • A few of the best times of year to visit Galway are Christmas, New Year’s and during the Galway Races (end of August I think it is) but honestly any weekend is a good weekend in this city! There are also a HEAP of cheap hostels and B&B’s as well as a huge range of hotels from 5 star to 3 star so accommodation would never be a problem here.

I absolutely love Galway and if you get a chance to visit this city in Ireland I definitely think it’s a must. While the likes of Dublin and Cork have a lot of character, I think the unique feel of Galway city make it one of the best!

Have you even been to Galway? Is it somewhere in Ireland you think you would like to visit?

*Please note these photo’s are not my own

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16 thoughts on “Guide To Galway City

  1. Still not made it across to Galway; shamefully I’ve only ever been to the Dublin area, as it’s easier to get to! I’d love to do a road trip round Ireland one day, as the countryside looks absolutely stunning. Will definitely be saving this post for the time when I finally make it to the west of Ireland!

    1. Yeah, to get to Galway the easiest way involves flying into Shannon and taking a 1.5 hr bus (that literally stops EVERYWHERE!!) but if you ever get the chance it is definitely worth it! I haven’t gone much further west than Galway but Sligo and Mayo’s scenery is meant to be even more breathtaking 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes!! When I went to Ireland Galway was one of my absolute fave cities! I’ve honestly considered moving there haha. Everyone is so welcoming and the city is so beautiful xx

  3. Great post!! After messaging with you in the late spring we chose Galway as one of our destinations during our road trip in Ireland this summer and really enjoyed our day at Salthill Promenade! Thanks!

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