Top Three Travel Destinatons

This year has been a brilliant year for me travel wise. While none of my trips were that long, I did manage to get abroad more times than any other year before while also working full time. Honestly, the reason I was able to do this wasn’t because I stopped treating myself in any way…Continue Reading “My Top Three Destinations In 2017”

The First Country I Didn't Enjoy

I always seem to pick more out of the way places to visit when I go on holidays. I like to see the unknown and explore somewhere that I know won’t be crammed wall to wall with tourists. This has led me to beautiful places like Montenegro and Tallinn but I have also visited and loved…Continue Reading “The First Country I Didn’t Enjoy….”

I book flights, I search accommodation and then I googled ‘top things to do in….’. This is my go-to routine before every trip I take for as long as I can remember. But the problem with this is, Google isn’t a good traveller. Sure, it points you in the right direction for the big and…Continue Reading “Why Google Is A Bad Traveller”


As part of my new years resolution I ended up on a bit of an adventure last Sunday to Newgrange in County Meath (hopefully I’m this proactive for the next 11 months!) I think this is somewhere that people often forgetting about visit, as I know it is definitely not somewhere I would have had at…Continue Reading “Newgrange: A Day Of Exploring”