Having visited Chicago briefly once before for a Summer trip throughout America I knew that it was always somewhere I would like to go back and see. I didn’t actually get to do much in terms of tourist activities the first time around either so when I knew I was going back I was excited…Continue Reading “How To Spend A Week In Chicago”

Two years ago I took a short trip to the city of Amsterdam with a couple of my friends, mostly to visit Mysteryland but we were also eager to visit the city itself. We stayed for a total of four nights while we were there and because we were only students at the time we didn’t…Continue Reading “The Worst Hostel In The World”

Prague is an absolutely amazing city. Walking through it makes you feel like you have completely stepped back in time. Unlike cities like Rome which are steeped in history and covered in ancient ruins, Prague appears as if it has been untouched for centuries. It’s streets are fairytale-esque, covered in cobble stones and brilliant architecture….Continue Reading “Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself 😋”