I visited Prague earlier in the year with a group of friends and I just fell in love! (way earlier in the year in fact). Prague was as magical as I thought it would be – and then some. The whole city oozes fairy tale vibes. It’s gorgeous architecture and brightly coloured buildings really make…Continue Reading “The Perfect Weekend Getaway”

I think in everyone’s life there is always that one place that really changes your life. I saw a post on instagram┬áthat asked the question of ‘where have you seen that has changed you’ and it really got me thinking. I have been to quite a lot of nice places. Beautiful places, funky, scenic, party-esque…Continue Reading “Places That Change Your Life”

Fort Lovrijenac

Before heading off this Summer to the Balkans region I was curious as to why so many people questioned my decisions to go there, and after seeing the beauty that it holds it really makes me wonder even more. The main reason I was being questioned on my decision to travel the eastern side of…Continue Reading “Backpacking Through The Balkans”

Coming from Ireland the opportunities to work abroad are quite good. Visas are available for America, Canada and all of Europe but to name a few but the reason I choose not to work abroad is that I don’t want to get caught up in the world of work and waste my Monday-Friday in a…Continue Reading “Why I Choose Not To Work Abroad”

I constantly get asked how many holidays I get at work, how am I allowed to go away so often, how do I pay for it all, etc. The truth is I have a 9-5:30 Monday to Friday job with just about 4 weeks holidays to take during the year. For me, I don’t look…Continue Reading “Traveling The World With A Full Time Job”

At the beginning of the year I decided to sign up to a 180km cycle around the Ring of Kerry. This is a loop around some of the most beautiful parts in Kerry, Ireland. The cycle itself is all done in one day with around 11,500 participants making it an amazing experience. The cycle is…Continue Reading “The Ring Of Kerry”

After a lot of talking and deliberating myself and my boyfriend have finally began to book our trip through Eastern Europe for the end of September! The countries we are (hoping!) to cover in order are Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia over the course of 20 days. I know it is…Continue Reading “My Big Fat Eastern European Roadtrip”