Recipe For A Great Holiday

When you go on holidays there are always certain things a person looks for. Some people live for new food while others won’t step foot off a plane that has weather under 25 degrees. It’s really interesting to see how different people enjoy different things when they are away. Personally, I don’t mind venturing somewhere colder…Continue Reading “The Recipe For A Great Holiday”

Travel Diary

Call me old fashioned but give me a pen and paper over typing on a computer any day. (hypocritical I know, since I am literally writing something on a computer right now). I’m not sure why I like it exactly. Just seeing my thoughts written in my own hand writing from whenever I wrote it just…Continue Reading “The Beauty Of Keeping A Travel Diary”

I book flights, I search accommodation and then I googled ‘top things to do in….’. This is my go-to routine before every trip I take for as long as I can remember. But the problem with this is, Google isn’t a good traveller. Sure, it points you in the right direction for the big and…Continue Reading “Why Google Is A Bad Traveller”


It’s hard to say where your favourite place in the world is, since comparing the bustling streets of New York is vastly different to the deserts in Namibia. But, that being said…. Montenegro is my favourite place! Montenegro to me is the perfect country with scenery that is yet to be rivaled in my eyes….Continue Reading “Montenegro: Europes Under-Rated Destination”


Have you ever visited somewhere and you just weren’t that sure about it? That’s how I felt after my short stay in Dubrovnik. Admittedly I spent less than 48 hours in Dubrovnik, so there is definitely a lot for me to still see and do there. Nevertheless, my short visited has led me to have quite…Continue Reading “48 Hours In Dubrovnik”

Exploring Budapest

Budapest was the first stop on my little European tour this Summer. The city definitely has a lot to offer and their architecture is really stunning with buildings resembling the grandeur of those in Rome. There is a nice mix of things to do in Budapest so I think it is definitely somewhere that has something…Continue Reading “Exploring Budapest”