Coming from Ireland the opportunities to work abroad are quite good. Visas are available for America, Canada and all of Europe but to name a few but the reason I choose not to work abroad is that I don’t want to get caught up in the world of work and waste my Monday-Friday in a…Continue Reading “Why I Choose Not To Work Abroad”

I have never been to Paris, so maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon – but for me the city of love is definitely Rome. Everything about the city oozes romance. It’s architecture, it’s laid back vibe, it’s beauty.. it is the perfect little place for a couple to explore. These are some of the places…Continue Reading “Romance In Rome”

At the beginning of the year I decided to sign up to a 180km cycle around the Ring of Kerry. This is a loop around some of the most beautiful parts in Kerry, Ireland. The cycle itself is all done in one day with around 11,500 participants making it an amazing experience. The cycle is…Continue Reading “The Ring Of Kerry”

When you go away there are the worst types of travel companions, and then there are the best. Here are a list of the best types of people to surround yourself with on that weekend away. The Organised One It’s always great to have someone who can put their foot forward and start planning the trip for…Continue Reading “The Best Types Of Travel Buddies”

We all know that travel isn’t the cheapest thing to do. But it isn’t the most expensive either! With low cost budget airlines in Europe such as Ryanair, and Spirit Airlines in America – there are plenty opportunities to go abroad for less. Since Summer 2014 I have hopped on a plane to over 10…Continue Reading “The Poor Mans Guide To Travel”

My brothers took a trip to New York City this week, and with that came a lot of nostalgic memories of my visit last summer. While I was only there for a short while, these are the top things to do when you’re visiting the big apple! 🍏 Visit the top of the Rockerfeller Centre Visiting…Continue Reading “10 Best Things To Do In New York City”

After a lot of talking and deliberating myself and my boyfriend have finally began to book our trip through Eastern Europe for the end of September! The countries we are (hoping!) to cover in order are Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia over the course of 20 days. I know it is…Continue Reading “My Big Fat Eastern European Roadtrip”