The Nightmare Realm is Ireland’s most terrifying scare house. It is described as  an ‘extreme walk-through horror event preying on your deepest fears and nightmares and twisting them into a deadly reality‘. It is held in both Cork and Dublin making it easily accessible from most counties and both have different themes, so if you…Continue Reading “Experiencing The Nightmare Realm”

It’s no secret I’m personally not a big fan of solo travel but I think there is a lot to be said for leaving your significant other at home every once and awhile and going on a trip with your friends. Here are some benefits to travelling with your friends.. I have found that there is…Continue Reading “The Benefits Of Travelling With Friends”

When you go away there are the worst types of travel companions, and then there are the best. Here are a list of the best types of people to surround yourself with on that weekend away. The Organised One It’s always great to have someone who can put their foot forward and start planning the trip for…Continue Reading “The Best Types Of Travel Buddies”

We all know that travel isn’t the cheapest thing to do. But it isn’t the most expensive either! With low cost budget airlines in Europe such as Ryanair, and Spirit Airlines in America – there are plenty opportunities to go abroad for less. Since Summer 2014 I have hopped on a plane to over 10…Continue Reading “The Poor Mans Guide To Travel”