Having visited Dubrovnik for one night during interrailing, I have to admit it didn’t much of a lasting impression of me. Having returned to visit friends I have come to realise I just didn’t spend enough time in the town to fully appreciate everything that it has to offer and I ended up really, REALLY enjoying my second time here!

Here are some of the activities you can do and places you can visit during your stay in Dubrovnik.


Sulic Beach
Šulić Beach
  • Banje Beach: this was my favourite beach in Dubrovnik. You can visit here by paying into the Banje Beach Club or you can access it by going down a staircase just before the beach club where you can sit on the pier and jump into the water from there (it is too deep to stand so this option would not be suitable for anyone who can’t swim/very young children).
  • Uvala Lapad Beach: this is a gorgeous pebble beach at the other side of Dubrovnik town down closer to the port. There are loungers and beach clubs here along with a water assault course to keep you entertained. In this same area there is a coastal walk called the Setnica Walking Trail. The trail is relatively short but a must do if you visit this beach. You will also be spoiled for choice on places to go for a swim as there are several areas with steps down to the water to go for a swim and get away from the crowds.
  • Bellevue Beach: Nestled in an alcove, this small pebble beach is the perfect place to spend your day while not being too far from the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Šulić Beach: In the heart of the Old Town, this beach is quite small but great if you just want a refreshing dip during your day of sight seeing.
  • Buza Bar: Also within the Old Town walls this bar is a bit of a hidden gem. This isn’t a ‘beach’ as such but is a great place to go swimming or cliff jumping. Once you are done swimming you can head back up the steps and enjoy a drink and some food in the bar itself!
  • There are so many beach clubs to choose from in and around Dubrovnik such as Copacobana Beach Club, Banje Beach and Coral Beach Club.


Elaphiti Islands
  • Visit the Old Town: I’m pretty sure this doesn’t have to be said, but just in case I said I would include it on the list! The Old Town is so well kept and you can get lost for hours wandering through the narrow side streets.
  • Walk the walls: this activity is a little pricey at €33 per person but you will get views that are out of this world of the full city. Try get there as early as possible (it opens at 8am) to avoid large crowds and having too many people crowding your pictures as you want to be able to really enjoy it.
  •  Fort Lovrijenac: Visiting this Fort gives you amazing views of the city and is only a short walk from Pile Gate in the Old Town. (As far as I know if you keep your ticket for the walls, you can enter into the Fort for free)
  • Take the cable car: the cable car will again offer stunning views of the city as you make your ascent up Mount Srd and drop you to the Panorama Bar where you can enjoy dinner with an amazing view. For a really magical experience, book your dinner for around sunset. The cable car runs until midnight during the summer months but you can also get a taxi down if you wanted to head straight home. Round trip tickets cost €26 and one way are €15.
  • Visit the Elaphiti Islands (Kolocep, Lopud & Sipan). You can rent a private boat with a skipper if there are a few of you, or you can buy a ticket on one of the many tours ran from Dubrovnik (there are several kiosks around the city selling tickets). It is such a gorgeous way to spend the day and some of the islands have restaurants/bars and beaches that you can eat and drink at during the day.
  • Visit Lokrum Island: there are two ways that you can do this, either by boat or by Kayak as there are several tours ran from Dubrovnik. The island of Lokrum is a UNESCO national park and on your visit you can visit their botanic gardens, Fort Royal (the highest point on Lokrum), Benedictine monastery, old castle or visit one of their beaches (which, forewarning, are all nudist!)
  • Rent a Kayak/Paddle Board: there are plenty of different areas where you can rent a Kayak or SUP to enjoy the beautiful waters of Croatia. They run tours to Lokrum as mentioned above, or you can rent them at your leisure depending on your preference. You can check out Adventure Dubrovnik here and Dubrovik Watersports here.
Drone shot in Croatia


Dubrovnik is a really busy city and if you are visiting during the height of Summer it’s advised that you book in advance for dinner. As I wasn’t there for long, I didn’t get to try too many places but these are a mix of places that I went, and places that were highly recommended.


  • Peppers Eatery
  • Panorama Bar
  • Restaurant 360
  • Nautika


  • Beach Bar Dodo (by Sulic Beach) – sunset is a great time to come here!
  • Cave Bar – sunset is a great time to visit this bar also
  • Cele in the Old Town square (a little on the touristy side but the atmosphere is great and it’s nice to spend some time inside the old town walls at night)

The first time I went to Dubrovnik it really didn’t leave a lasting impression on me but I can safely say after a second visit, and a little more time to dedicate to seeing what the city has to offer I would recommend coming here to anyone. Croatia is an unbelievable country and has so much to offer so if you ever get the chance to visit Dubrovnik, or anywhere else then definitely do.

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