4 thoughts on “Has Instagram Ruined Travel?

  1. I have travelled for over 40 years without a camera. I wrote some blogs for myself last year and they were well received by family and friends. I bought a camera. I upgraded my phone. I got a gopro. Although I am tech savvy I was never on social media, any of it. I now have twitter, facebook and instagram accounts and a junkie for likes on my blog.
    Enjoying it though (I’m retired) and it makes me want to go new places.


    1. It’s crazy how times change isn’t it!? I love the sense of inspiration social media and blogs give me – I am just always conscious of social media and Instagram becoming the priority when I travel as opposed to the adventure itself!

  2. I agree with you on instagram. I used to use it a lot, but now I’m hardly on it. A lot of travel magazines and even Fodor’s travel guidebooks had articles on how instagram is ruining travel in some places because people feel like they have to get that perfect shot of anything. Also people like they must get that perfect picture frolicking on the beach, hiking in the mountains with instagram . That shouldn’t be what travel or instagram is all about

    1. I just read this morning that Boracay island on the Philippines is closed for 6 months for intense cleaning due to the mass amounts of visitors last year and I’m sure blogs and Instagram have a part to play in that huge increase! I love enjoying the outdoors and really do hate myself that little bit when I hand someone a camera to get a picture of me because it does really disturb that good vibe feeling you get from an adventure! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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