The Ericsson Skyline Tour In Dublin

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Ericsson Skyline Tour

In recently posted about some of the fun, different activities that you can do around Dublin. One of these activities was the Ericsson Skyline Tour which whisks you up 17 storeys high and lets you wander around the rooftop of Croke Park to take in the Dublin skyline.

Hogan Stand
View From Hogan Stand

The skyline tour of Dublin is such a good way to spend your day, and if you are worried about it being all sports related because it is in a stadium then you are sadly mistaken! The skyline tour is a 1.5 hour tour from start to finish which sees you being brought along the outskirts of the stadium rooftop. From here, you have a completely unobstructed view of Dublin City in all it’s glory! Your tour guide will point out different places along the skyline and tell you all about the history behind them, which was a really nice touch that I (for some reason!) didn’t expect to be a part of it all. Dublin doesn’t have the prettiest skyline out there. It’s very low rise, and oddly very.. brown! But on a nice day with blue skies this can definitely be forgiven.

Our group comprised of about 15-20 people on a Saturday morning meaning the tour was really nice, and didn’t feel too crowded. It’s broken up into a few different areas as you go from stand to stand, taking in the views from all different areas of Dublin. The tour starts at the Hogan stand giving you a view of Drumcondra, all the way out as far as Glasnevin and ends looking out towards Howth at the other side of the City.

Dublin Skyline
View Towards Howth

The tour costs €20 for an adult, €18 for a student or €12 for a child and it admits you into the GAA Museum afterwards if you want to go have a look. While it wasn’t too busy the day we went, it might be in higher demand in summer months so I would advise buying your ticket online beforehand if you have the option. There are usually a few tours in a day so try and choose a time that shows blue skies to get the best views during your tour. Also, because it is so high up – it is very windy! So make sure to dress accordingly. I actually didn’t dress accordingly, resulting in them lending me one of the jackets from the dressing room where the tour starts!

Davin Stand
Our beautiful red jackets!

Croke Park is the third largest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou and Wembley, so it’s pretty glorious! I might be bias because I love Croke Park and the GAA but I honestly thought it was a really cool experience. As someone who isn’t great with heights as well I didn’t find it too bad. There is one area where your harness gets clipped in and you walk out to an area above the pitch which is probably the worst part of all, but definitely still doable (if you don’t look down!). For just €20 I think it’s a great alternative way to spend your day in Dublin and there is no other activity around like it! If you have time to spare I would recommend grabbing tea or coffee afterwards in the Blackthorne Café by reception to warm you up (and because it’s lovely!)

Croke Park Rooftop
The rooftop

I would give this experience a 9/10 I think. I’m delighted I finally bit the bullet and got around to doing it. Have you ever done a rooftop tour like this? Is it one you would like to do?


20 thoughts on “The Ericsson Skyline Tour In Dublin

  1. What a neat way to see the city! Looks like you had a beautiful day with those blue skies. I have such a fear of heights that I hope I don’t chicken out to do it!

  2. This seems like a great experience. I love to see what a city looks like from above so whenever I go somewhere I try to get on the highest building/tower. This is something I would defo like to do.

    PS: you were lucky that they lend you a jacket 🙂

  3. What an amazing experience: it’s a unique sightseeing tour from the roof of Croke Park ! I’ve never been to Dublin, it’s still on my travel bucket list. I would definitively enjoy these great views of over Dublin for 360 degrees.

  4. This looks like so much fun. I love how the tour group was small enough to were you can enjoy the tour without being pushed by tons of tourists. Also, the price is decent. Will definitely add this to my Dublin list.

  5. Getting to know about the history of the places while you are seeing them is really a plus. Yes, Dublin is quite brown as I could make out from the pictures. Any particular reason for that?

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