Twelve Reasons To Visit Ireland

I absolutely love to travel but I don’t think I will ever call any other country my home. I’ve dabbled in living abroad (sharing a one bedroom apartment with nine other girls, so not the best situation..) but those experiences never led me to believe I would prefer my life somewhere other than Ireland. I absolutely love travelling, experiencing new cultures, making friends, trying new foods and hearing new music – but I can’t shake my undying love for living in Ireland! (even if it is testing my patience with this January weather…)

Howth Cliff Path

If you have visited here you will more than likely understand some of the below, and if you haven’t visited then these are the exact reasons why you should! These are twelve reasons why I think everyone should visit Ireland in their lives at least once:

  1. The People

    Honestly, the people in Ireland are beyond friendly. We have no hidden agenda, we don’t want to tell you our life stories and we don’t want anything in return. Be sure if you are in a predicament in Ireland there will be someone there willing to give you a helping hand. In 2017, Travel and Leisure named three cities in Ireland in their top 20 friendliest places in the world!

  2. Guinness

    I’ve recently been converted to being a Guinness drinker and I’m honestly upset I didn’t give it a chance sooner. It’s an intimidating drink – a big 500ml serving of black stout – but you won’t regret trying it at least once! If you visit Dublin you can even visit the Guinness Storehouse where you can find out how the beer is made, immerse yourself in their years of marketing and enjoy a pint with the best view in Dublin.

  3. The Craic

    For anyone who doesn’t understand this term it basically means ‘fun’ – but fun just doesn’t encompass how much enjoyment us Irish have in everything we do. During the day we have ‘the craic’ in the office, at night we have ‘the craic’ – we basically made up a whole new word to describe how much we enjoy everything and it’s great!

  4. The Amazing Coastal Views

    I have been to beaches all over the world and I don’t know if I enjoyed any of them as much as a beach in Ireland on a hot day. Now, getting weather over 20 degrees happens only a few times a year (if even!) but when we do it’s majestic. The best part is you only need that weather if you want to enjoy a swim, but our clear blue skies from Winter to Summer allow you to take in the coastal views no matter the temperature.

  5. Ancient Ruins & Castles

    Apparently the first people arrived to Ireland over 9,000 years ago. This means the country is incredible old and there are buildings and ruins sprinkled around the country to prove it. I don’t know many other countries you can visit where you can stay in a castle as majestic as the ones that adorn our lands.

  6. Chicken Fillet Rolls

    I have to address this. Even though I now don’t eat meat, that doesn’t mean I don’t still long for a chicken fillet roll after a night out. We are one of few countries that have hot delis where you can get a chicken fillet roll made up. Let me warn you now, you will never find another type of food that will cure a hangover as quickly as this!

  7. The Amazing Islands Off Our Island

    There are so many islands off our amazing island that are beautiful beyond belief. The Aran Islands for example are three small islands off the coast of Galway that boast their own amazing communities, coastal views and eco systems. Skellig Michael is another island just off Kerry most famously known for it’s appearance in Star Wars.

  8. The GAA

    There is nothing that the people of Ireland get more passionate about than the GAA. I remember when I lived in California for a Summer the stress of getting up at the crack of dawn trying to stream matches on the internet before heading off to work. There is literally no better feeling than your team winning in Croke Park and no sport as thrilling to watch as Hurling (sorry, not sorry Gaelic Football)

  9. The Worlds Longest Coastal Drive

    The Wild Atlantic Way has it’s claim to fame as being the longest continuous coastal route in the world. Stretching along the most breathtaking parts of Ireland, this route is travelled by thousands of people every year. This year is actually the year I intend to dedicate a few days to this myself – travelling all the way from the top to the bottom and immersing myself in the beauty of my country.

  10. One Of The Oldest Languages In The World

    Although many people don’t speak Gaeilge and only a handful of places in Ireland speak only this language it is still one of the oldest in the world. Although I’m not fantastic at speaking it myself I have always thought that it was beautiful. Many people in Ireland think it’s a dead language yet you will always hear someone mumble the words ‘Cad?’ or ‘Cen fath?’ without even realising it. (Cad = What?, Cen fath? = Why?)

  11. The Music

    You can’t stroll through Temple Bar without hearing a tin whistle being blown or a bodhran being beaten. Irish Traditional Music is unlike a lot of music out there but it really has it’s own beauty. The beat is somewhat infectious, and while I know plenty people whose fancy it doesn’t tickle – it certainly ticks mine!

  12. The Privilege

    There is a certain privilege of living and working in Ireland that I think we sometimes forget. This tiny island can give you everything you want and more. We might not have high rise buildings but we have decent public transportation, kind people, no issues surrounding our overall safety. It’s a beautiful place to live in peace and enjoy yourself and I think that might be the most taken-for-granted aspect of this country.

Beach at Kilbaha

So, these are 12 of the reasons why I think you should travel to Ireland and explore our wonderful lands! Is there anything you would add to this list? Are these the kinds of reasons why you would like to visit somewhere?

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  1. I live on the southern tip of the westcoast Vancouver Island in BC, Canada which means a lot of similar natural beauties as in Ireland. However, you beat us out with castles (We have two in Victoria). Ireland is on my wish list.

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