Top Three Travel Destinatons

This year has been a brilliant year for me travel wise. While none of my trips were that long, I did manage to get abroad more times than any other year before while also working full time. Honestly, the reason I was able to do this wasn’t because I stopped treating myself in any way or not buying the material things I wanted. It was simply that I came to realize that how much you spend while you’re away is essentially up to you. I don’t feel the need to go for big, romantic meals while I’m away, nor am I a stranger to buying a few bottles of beer in a shop and drinking them in my hotel room. This, paired with my resolution to travel more of Ireland led to an amazing year of travel overall.

In the last year I have only travelled within the wonderful walls of Europe. In 2016 my travels were focused mainly on Eastern Europe meaning this year I focused my travel a little bit more on Central Europe and what it had to offer. I absolutely loved everywhere that I went this year (some places more than others..). Out of all of the places that I went to, these were my top three favourite travel destinations.

Tallinn, Estonia

Patukli Viewing
Patkuli Viewing Platform

I have to admit that I’m pretty pushy when it comes to the choosing and organizing of where my boyfriend and I go on holidays – but this is one I can’t take credit for. I’m not sure what made him choose Tallinn but I’m so happy that he did! I had absolutely zero expectations going here and it was just amazing from start to finish. The beautiful streets, the markets in the town square, the food and drink and it was really cheap. We even had a sauna in our apartment?! Honestly I’ve never come across somewhere that has been the full package as much as this place.

Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Lough Atana
View Over Lough Atana

This might be a surprising one for most people to read but it really was one of my best trips this year. While I didn’t have to hop on a boat or a plane, I did have to change currency so this place makes the list! Roughly a two hour drive from Dublin, Fermanagh was one of the most pleasant surprises I have had all year. It was the perfect trip to satisfy all my adventure needs with the Cuilcagh Mountain Walk and Kayaking. The weather was also cracking just to top it all off! Between the best outdoor activities and a surprise stay on Lusty Beg Island (somewhere I had been dying to stay for a while) it was the perfect weekend. If you like the outdoors then I would definitely recommend doing the mountain walk and staying where we stayed.

Lisbon, Portugal

Castle De S. Jorge
Castle De S. Jorge

Ah, Lisbon! The place that absolutely stole my heart. My mother had been ranting and raving at me to visit here for as long as I can remember and she finally broke me down. To be honest, I didn’t stay here for the whole duration of my stay. The city just had so much to do and so much to offer. I went in March which meant the crowds were minimal and the weather was just perfect. We did rent a car to visit Sintra and Cascais while we were there so we technically didn’t spend the full weekend in the city itself but it was still absolutely amazing there. It would be the first city I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun weekend away!

I honestly liked everywhere that I visited this year but these three places blew me away (Similarly to how Montenegro did the year before). Each of these three places offers something different to each other. Tallinn has a slow paced, relaxed feel, Fermanagh was all about getting outdoors while Lisbon was a fast paced, sight seeing adventure in a big city.

Have you ever been to any of the places above? Where was your favourite place of 2017?

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