Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

The busy city streets, the twinkling city lights, the flashy screens on Time Square. New York City is a bustling universe in itself – full to the brim of everything you could imagine. For some people, it’s the pinnacle of cities to visit. It has endless opportunities for its residents and proves to be the perfect break for those wanting to shop, eat well and sightsee on their travels.

Recently I took a trip to New York with work for a conference. Having been here before I had ticked most of the sightseeing destinations off my list. I was just happy to be in the city again and enjoy the buzz it brings. The conference was on for Thursday and Friday so that really only left a day for activities but it did leave the night time for exploring the best bars – and their views!

Here are three of the best rooftop bars that I saw while in New York:

Top Of The Strand

Top of the Strand
View from Top of the Strand

The Top Of The Strand is a bar is on the 21st floor of the Marriot Vacation Club Pulse. It is said to be one of Midtown Manhattan’s ‘most spectacular urban oasis’. When we arrived on a Friday night the bar was relatively quiet with Mark Wolf Dj-ing. There is a retractable glass roof over the rooftop lounge and there are amazing views of the Empire State Building all along the window. With great drinks, music and views I think this place is definitely a hidden gem within the city and I would recommend putting it on your list when you visit!

The Standard Rooftop Bar

Le Bain Bar
Le Bain. Image Credit: Pinterest

Funnily enough, we didn’t get to go here because we forgot ID (typical!) but we had been recommended it & I had seen it online a few times so I feel it’s worthy of making the list. This sky high called ‘Le Bain‘ bar crowns the Standard, High Line in the Meatpacking District. It has amazing wraparound views of the Manhattan skyline and Jersey City. It’s outdoor furniture and overall vibe has a very hipster feel, perfect for the Meatpacking district!

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar
View from 230 Fifth

This bar is the epitome of rooftop bars. Once you tackle the gigantic queue of a Saturday night you will be escorted up to 230 Fifth into the elevator and brought up to the top floor. Here, you will enter an incredibly loud and overwhelming nightclub – which might take you by surprise but never fear! Follow the steps outside to the rooftop area and you will find exactly what you are looking for! There are several bars outside to cater for you as well which is perfect. There are panoramic views of the city and its skyline. If it’s cold? Don’t worry! There are plastic domes that will shelter you and your friends from the weather while still allowing you to enjoy the views.

Honestly, I find the city of New York a bit overwhelming. I’m definitely more of a mountains and lakes woman that a city slicker but considering my favourite thing about a new place is finding a good view I was pretty happy with my rooftop finds on this trip. The above three are three of the nicest bars I have been to in both in New York and just in general!

Do you like rooftop bars? Have you ever been to any, in New York City or elsewhere?

11 thoughts on “Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

    1. I was SO sad when we didn’t get to go up because of no ID. I don’t think it would have been as cute as this since it was a November evening so it was probably freezing up there but it just looks so cool! I’d love to go here on a summers evening 🙂

  1. Its a shame you didn’t get to go to the Standard! I’ve definitely forgotten my ID before- it’s a bummer! Next time I’m in New York City, I’ll definitely be checking these bars out!

    1. I definitely think they would be solo friendly. The Top of the Strand is the most quiet and calm out of the three if you were looking for somewhere to just grab a drink and enjoy the views 🙂

  2. Oh I want to go to all of them! I’ve been to New York but never been to a roof top bar because I never did my research. I will park this post for when I go again. Thanks

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