An Evening in Kerry

Growing up in West Limerick, I always spent at least a week every Summer down in Kerry. While my parents beach town of choice was Ballyheigue back in the day, I now go to Ballybunnion when I get the chance.

View Of Ladies Beach
Ladies Beach From Cliff Walk

I hadn’t been down here in almost two years so my friend and I decided to drive on a sunny Saturday afternoon recently as it is less than an hour drive away to do the cliff walk and take in the views (when we were younger there was less taking in the views and a lot more drinking!)

Sea Stack
Sea Stack At Nuns Strand

The Cliff Walk is situated on the right hand side of the womens beach. It’s a 1.6km stroll that takes roughly 45 minutes (or longer if you stop to take pictures of the views as much as I do!). The route takes you all the way from ladies beach to an overview of the nuns strand.  There are signs along the way that tell you where to go and about the wildlife that you can find in the area, along with a few pieces of history and folklore!

Cliffwalk Views
Cliffwalk Views

Once you are done the loop of the walk you can visit ‘The Castle Green’. The ruins of the castle itself isn’t much of a sight but they give a fantastic view of the beaches below as it is perfectly nestled between the mens and ladies beach. The history of the castle and the town itself are both really interesting as it dates back as far as the 13th century!

Derelict Castle
The Castle Green

Once you are done exploring the coast you can grab ice cream or food down the main street, or pop into one of the casinos to pass away the time! I actually love this town because it holds so many memories for me and on a sunny day there is nowhere that has a better atmosphere!

Have you ever been here in Kerry? Is it somewhere you would like to go?



19 thoughts on “An Evening In Kerry

  1. Ballybunion is gorgeous! I never got the chance to visit when I was going to UCG 30 years ago. Are the men’s and women’s beaches actually separated by gender?

  2. Love the photos! Spectacular shots too. Beach is pretty much the same here in NZ.

    Wish I could visit Ireland in the future, really was not aware of the beauty it has to offer =)

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