Why I love Eastern Europe

Everyone has that part of the world that they absolutely love. Fortunately for me, I live in Europe so I’m in close distance to plenty countries. For some reason though, Central Europe just doesn’t appeal to me the same way Eastern Europe does. Having been to plenty countries in both, It’s safe for me to say that I definitely prefer one over the other.

Stari Most
Stari Most, Mostar

Some people I know think I’m crazy because I would rather go to Hungary & Serbia over a weekend in Paris. They don’t understand that the beauty of visiting somewhere you don’t know that much about means your trip will be spontaneous, full of surprises and everything will be a new experience. In an age where Instagram is the focal point of a millennials world, it’s easy to ruin somewhere you have never been just by constantly seeing it on your timeline. Seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum from every angle known the man is bound to take it’s toll and dull your experience. What’s even funnier is people question why I would go to countries such asΒ Montenegro over somewhere in Spain, but little do they know that it’s a tiny slice of paradise!

Budva, Montenegro
Montenegro landscape

The reason I love Eastern Europe is because it gives me the chance to explore places I have never heard of or seen before, to experience new beers & new food, to learn about cultures and histories that I had not yet learned. I know some of the countries I have mentioned are in the Balkans & I don’t want to offend anyone by assuming their country is Eastern Europe when it is not – this is just the way I identify them on the map! The people are always amazingly friendly, their English is more often than not brilliant & the icing on the top of the cake is that it is usually relatively cheap! So why not branch out of your comfort zone, go a little further & experience something magical?Β πŸ˜ƒ

Where is your favourite part of the world, and why?

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  1. I like the French Bay of Biscay coast a lot. And most everything about Italy. One of my other favorite places is – don’t laugh – Ireland.😊

  2. I haven’t visited Eastern Europe yet, but I’d love to one day – it sounds like I’ve got plenty of catching up to do πŸ™‚ I love France, for the diversity of its landscapes (and of course the pastries). Japan is a country I’d love to return to and see more of – the atmosphere and culture was just so different (in a good way) to what I’m used to, and there was just so much to take in that it necessitates a return trip!

    1. Japan just seems otherly worldly and amazing, I’m very jealous you got to visit there! I have never not liked any Central European country, I have just generally preferred the places I have been in Eastern Europe!

    1. Wow €6 is a steal! Sometimes it’s more expensive to get to these countries but what you pay for in flights/trains you definitely make up for in accomodation, food & drink!

  3. I love Eastern Europe too! Just like you, I just don’t get all the hype about Paris, Amsterdam, Rome etc. I live in Poland and have visited some Eastern European countries, Montenegro being my favorite πŸ˜€ I also really want to go to Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and revisit other eastern European countries. I think the infrastructures here are almost same as Western Europe, it’s safe and friendly, culture is more visible and the prices are cheaper, so why not!:D

    1. Exactly! I loved Rome when I went about two years ago but I didn’t get the same welcoming feeling as when I went to other countries East of Italy! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! πŸ™‚

  4. I love your explorations! After living and exploring W. & E. Europe for 3 years, I have found SE Asia, in particular Vietnam and Thailand, to be my current favorite area of the world. New Zealand is very special too!

  5. I have been living in Eastern Europe all my life and I couldn’t agree more with you. There are very nice landscapes over here, with tons of things to do. Not everyone enjoys this part as it’s less known and has a darker history than other parts of the world. I’m so glad you liked it. Hopefully, you might visit Romania and see how beautiful things are around here. If you need some tips for the travel, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
    In the summer I’ve been to Germany and I completely fell in love with Mainz, a little city around Frankfurt!

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