The Recipe For A Great Holiday

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Recipe For A Great Holiday

When you go on holidays there are always certain things a person looks for. Some people live for new food while others won’t step foot off a plane that has weather under 25 degrees. It’s really interesting to see how different people enjoy different things when they are away. Personally, I don’t mind venturing somewhere colder than my home place (yes, there are places colder than Ireland!) or not taste testing local coffees or wine. I also love eating food and I’m willing to try pretty much anything, but it definitely isn’t something my trip revolves around. There are certain things that I do look for when I go abroad though, and I suppose they are more ‘experiences’ than anything else!

  1.  Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

I love somewhere that gets me out of my comfort zone, even if it’s just for a moment. There is one thing I hate more than fear and it is the fear of missing out. I will try anything if other people are trying it and so far, I don’t regret ever once being pushed out of my comfort zone. This includes driving along cliff edges in Italy to Ziplining across canyons in Montenegro. I love somewhere that pushes my boundaries and gets my heart racing, and so far it has always happened while looking at a pretty good view!

Durmitor Bridge
Canyon at Durmitor we ziplined across!


2. Experiencing The Culture

This one might be a bit more obvious, but it definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Be it Amsterdam or Africa, I want to be able to experience the culture of a new place. It might be something as little as trying their native drink (which is almost always horrible for some reason?!) but it is something I love doing. You don’t have to go a thousand steps left in order to experience the culture of somewhere. A small act like sitting with an espresso and a croissant in France is enough to see how the other half lives and it is these small acts that I think you must do when you go abroad. I’m going to Spain this Summer so I will be sure to have plenty siestas while I’m there.. 😉

Croke Park
Experiencing A Match In Croke Park – An Irish Must Do!


3. Finding A Good Viewpoint

I love being active when I am abroad. Nothing tells me I’m on holidays more than climbing an endless amount of steps to a view point! Climbing to get a decent view of my surroundings is a must on my list and I try to do it everywhere I go.  My all time favorite views are panoramic views of a city, skyline or coast and every viewpoint I have ever been to has given me a happy and beautiful memory of my trip abroad. Climbing to a viewpoint also means getting active, and I love nothing more than feeling like I have accomplished something – at home or abroad!


These are the little things for me that really make a trip away great. Be it a weekend, a week or a month abroad these are always the things that make my time away the best it can be. What is it that you look for when you go away?

8 thoughts on “The Recipe For A Great Holiday

  1. Great attitude well written and nice photos. Is the cross photo at Sintra? Magical place and lovely city/country. I probably think you have a great attitude because it matches mine! Yes, it’s great sights first, and then some adventure and excitement.

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