Why The ‘Bikini Body’ Concept Is Bullsh*t

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Bikini Body

It’s finally May, and with that brings the beginning of Summer – and the ‘Bikini Body’ phases that will be plastered all over Social Media. Everywhere you look will tell you the different ways that you too can achieve your bikini body and friends who don’t need to lose weight will start to worry about everything that passes their lips. It’s just something I can’t get on board with.

Tasha Oakley
Tasaha Oakley from A Bikini A Day

There are so many people that I know who will diet before going on holidays, actively go to the gym to tone up and do everything in their power to look their best for their week away. I mean, it makes sense to want to look your best – but why do people have this notion that you have to look your best on holidays and just neglect yourself for the other 51 weeks of the year?! Society has this ideal of what a ‘bikini body’ should look like, and honestly, it’s just all bullshit. If you don’t lose enough weight or tone up enough to achieve that bikini body before you hit the beach does that mean you have to hide underneath layers of clothes in the sweltering heat? Because god forbid someones eyes might be exposed to a size 12, 16 or 20 body. The worst thing is, most of the time it isn’t even these people who complain – it is the size 6s of the world worried that one slice of bread will destroy their entire physique before they have to put on a bikini. Some people have physical attributes that they can’t even change – does that mean that since they don’t fall under the perfect ‘bikini body’ category that they shouldn’t ever step foot on a beach or near a swimming pool?

When you are on a beach, do you get a crick in your neck from constantly looking over and back at the different people going passed you, all the while judging them and how they look? I didn’t think so! I went to a pool party in broad daylight in Las Vegas and I honestly did not look one person up fully top to bottom because I was too busy minding my own business and enjoying myself – the same thing most people do in any of these situations. Anyone who does take the time out to ridicule and belittle how someone looks in swimwear has bigger problems than your lack of a ‘bikini body’. The peoples opinions you are so worried about are also strangers at the end of the day, strangers that you may never speak to in your life. Why waste your time on worrying about them when they may never even give you a second of their thoughts or time?


The sole purpose of wearing a bikini isn’t to show your body off to the world so they can admire what a wonderful spectacle you are. The purpose of a bikini is to swim, enjoy the sun and relax (and because a one-piece just isn’t for everyone and kills all hope for a decent tan). The mantra on the ‘A Bikini A Day’ website states ‘we feel as though a bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach. The bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expressionism and relaxation’ – not something you should have to work towards wearing and starve yourself for.  There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body and what is considered beautiful in one country might not necessarily be considered beautiful in another. The women from A Bikini A Day are a perfect example (Tasha Oakley, a founding member is pictured above) as they come under constantly scrutiny for their body shape. Some women think they have amazing bodies while others think their curves make them ‘fat’. You literally can not please everybody.. So I say wear that bikini you love and for anyone out there who doesn’t agree – you’ll find me happily on the beach in my bikini, not giving a f*ck. 😘

How do you feel about the whole ‘bikini body’ concept? Do you feel the pressure when you hit the beach, or feel confident no matter what?


19 thoughts on “Why The ‘Bikini Body’ Concept Is Bullsh*t

  1. What a powerful post! You’re so right that nobody really cares. This is something that I remind myself everyday that nobody really cares about me in public setting and those who do take the time just to judge and criticize some random stranger are just unhappy with their own lives! I wear bikini at the beach even though I am getting heavier (and older) every year. I do make an effort to go to the gym and eat healthy throughout the year but sometimes it’s just hard!

    1. Once you are comfortable in yourself I think that is the most important thing! People aren’t as quick to judge others as well all think and it’s definitely something we need to remember more!

  2. Such a fantastic post! Literally, having a bikini body just means having a body and having a bikini to put on! Crazy how it has become a trend to work hard for an “ideal” for a few weeks or months before holiday – apparently it can actually be quite dangerous and bad for you! I’m trying to feel more confident in myself and in a bikini because I know nobody cares so why should I! xxx

  3. Great post! I am a little heavier myself and enjoy eating toooo much to go on a diet. I think too, that if you feel comfortable with yourself you can wear whatever you want. Nobody should care too much what others think.

  4. I have a story…in 2008, my best friend graduated from college and I arranged for my parents’ time share in Cancun for the week to be used to celebrate. She invited a few other friends to go, and….I kid you not…this one girl WHO WAS A COMPETITIVE COLLEGE LEVEL ATHLETE (i.e. super fit) said she couldn’t go on the trip because…and I quote…she was “too fat” to be seen in a bikini. Mind you, I was more than a little fluffy at the time, but I just bought some board shorts and a rash guard to cover my fat/protect from the sun, and I had a fabulous week in Cancun.

    Also, I just got back from Japan a month ago where I was by far the fattest person in Tokyo, but I still had an amazing time!

    1. I find that sometimes it is the skinniest people who have the hardest time with coming to terms with putting on a bikini! I suppose they feel so close yet so far away from the ‘ideal body’ that they panic but I am so over that kind of frame of mind! And I’m sure while you might have felt like you were the largest one there but I’m sure no one else even took a second glance at that fact! Plus once you had a good time, isn’t that all that matters? 🙂

  5. Preach girl! I think social media gives a lot of pressure to look beautiful when traveling. There is that stereotype that instagram is just “hot people traveling” but we don’t all look like that all the time! Enjoy your travels no matter HOW you look! It’s about the experience, not about the aesthetic. Love this post.

  6. Great post! Even though it’s sometimes tough to keep in mind that you should give a f* …it’s not always easily done. At least that’s how I feel most of the time. But you’re totally right. We should just enjoy the fact that we’re on the beach or by the pool and not worry too much about our bikini body. We should really worry about our health and take care of it always. Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny or slim or having an idea bikini body.

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