The Beauty Of Keeping A Travel Diary

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Travel Diary

Call me old fashioned but give me a pen and paper over typing on a computer any day. (hypocritical I know, since I am literally writing something on a computer right now).

I’m not sure why I like it exactly. Just seeing my thoughts written in my own hand writing from whenever I wrote it just gives me a blast from the past. I have been keeping diaries on my general life since I was about 8 years old and although entries these days are few and far between I still manage to scrawl something down every few months after big events. I have to admit that it is time consuming and a pain in the ass when you have a great, but lengthy story to tell – but writing it down makes it a great story you can re-live over and over again.

Diary Picture

When I was going away this Summer I decided to buy a small notebook in order to document my short stint of travelling around Europe and it is definitely something that I would recommend. While ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ they will only remind you of the fun you had in that particular place. The way you got there and the fun you had in the middle gets forgotten about. My mother urged me to write down about our travels through Italy when I was eleven and upon finding it last year it reminded me about things I had long forgotten about and would never have remembered had I not written it down. I remember where we went, but this reminded me about the night we wanted to swim in the pool when it was closed, the details of the hotel, our friendly waiters name, the characteristics of our outgoing tour guide ‘Roberto’. The little things. The good things. And the things that made that trip so great.

Diary & Coffee

That is the beauty about writing. You might have long forgotten that memory, but it is only one sentence away from being rekindled in your brain.

Do you keep a travel diary? Or is it something you could consider doing?

53 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Keeping A Travel Diary

  1. I’ve never kept one but it’s something I’d be interested in now! I have personal diaries thar I sometimes bring on travels with me but a specific diary for travelling is what I need! What I don’t need is someone finding my personal diary anywhere let alone abroad! Hahaha

    Ama Addo / Albatroz & Co

    1. Yeah I started with a personal one but thought it would be a good thing to start doing and it’s great! Having two separate ones means a small gap in your main diary (which isn’t overly convenient!) but as you said, the last thing you want to do is lose your personal diary abroad 😂

    2. I too am “old school.” I’ve kept journals since I was 17. That’ll be 30 years in a couple of weeks! My style of journaling has changed over the years. Now it’s all about the Gratitude Journal. If I’m having a bad day, because it DOES happen I can open that as a quick reminder.

      1. Wow, that’s really impressive! I have slacked in the last while. I much prefer your style of doing it, my style switches between gratitude and a method for venting my anger of frustration… but I have to say, it does help!!

  2. I went to China last summer and I kept a travel diary! I would totally recommend it as it meant I have remembered all the little things that happened daily and have something great to look back on 🙂 I loved this post xx

  3. This is great advice. I am so thankful I kept journals when I traveled years ago. Even with my memory being awful, I can still go back and remember the details. I haven’t done it in a while, and I would really like to get back in the habit.

  4. I write in a journal every day. So even if I’m traveling, I write the details in my journal later. I like going back years later, reading the details of my life of the past. It definitely brings back memories.

  5. Indeed I had been thinking of keeping diary but later settled on a blog to document my travels. But I do feel that a personal diary would be so much more closer to the heart. 🙂 Writing is magical. It’s that one thing that can put thoughts, feelings, quirky or funny experiences on paper.

  6. I agree having a travel diary is a great idea. I love reading back on memories of my trips. I need to start journalling again. I’ve been slacking on my recent trips.

  7. Most of my blogging is done in a notebook before it gets typed up. I find that my creativity isn’t as stilted.
    I wrote a travel diary on a trip to Majorca at the age of 9 and occasionally I look at it. It is so evocative and the emotional connection is much stronger than the typed word.

    Basically….I get ya!!

  8. what a great idea ! 🙂 this is actually how my travel blog got started. I had several notebooks full of memories & feared losing them, so I decided to make an “online copy” which turned into my blog 🙂

  9. I love keeping a travel diary! Not only does it help me with blog posts and articles later, but it’s so fun to go back and stick in ticket stubs, photos, or other momentos to remember a trip by. Great post!

  10. I’ve always loved keeping a diary! I still have mine from my last year of school and it’s always good for a laugh 😀 I especially love buying the pretty books from Typo here in Australia – they always have the cutest covers and themes that you can’t help but fall in love with. At the moment they have books with Alice in Wonderland on the cover that I have my eyes on 😀

  11. I keep a travel diary for sure! It helps with the little moments and memories too, the ones I will probably forget when I write my blog posts days later (smells, sights, tiny happenings, etc). Great post!

    1. Yeah it really helps when it comes to remembering your experiences when you want to write a blog. I find it particularly useful when it comes to names of places I visited/stayed!

  12. I’ve tried to keep a travel diary on my last few trips and find it helpful for a number of reasons. Its a great way to be brought back to the trip for later memories, but its also the perfect reference when you go to blog about the trip later! Now I always keep a small notebook in my bag to jot stuff down whenever the inspiration hits.

  13. No, I don’t. I used to have a personal one in my teenage years, but later on I decided to throw it, as I had kept a very one-sided account of the events and it was pretty much distorting my memories.

  14. What a lovely post and true to the core. There is always something captivating about old school stuff. I love writing too and I always carry a notebook with me while travelling. It is very handy because you never know when a thought might cross by. 🙂

  15. Sometimes being old fashioned can be very nice. Writing about your travels in your own handwriting makes it more special than writing online – I find.
    I’ve done this in the past but should keep doing this.
    Really nice you wrote about this. 🙂

  16. I dont personal have a travel diary but I do had a diary of daily events in life (do that count?) LOL! Anw, I stumbled upon your blog while browsing and I love it. ❤❤ Cheers from Singapore!

  17. I keep a small notebook in my bag at all times! I find that I’m more prone to look at the notebook than the notes in my phone! I love flipping through and seeing what I wrote during past trips! Funny, I don’t write in page order though… I just open and write on whatever page is empty!

  18. I don’t really keep a travel diary, but I do keep an expenses diary while traveling. Hehe! I sometimes overspend and seeing everything written down on paper helps me budget. (I think I just went off tangent on your point lol)

  19. I was going to keep a diary when I moved to Europe but once I got busy (pretty much In the first week of travel) I stopped. Bummer. We’re heading back for a 3 week trip in July and I am determined to get a diary going again! I know I’ll be grateful for doing it!

  20. Yes, I agree journaling by pen and paper is like no other form of self documentation. I used the app ‘Journalized’ while on my latest trip and THAT was nice to include the days’ photos with my musings. But for sure while traveling, if you don’t journal names/places/people as you go(at the moment you just know you’ll remember) you will not remember details. Trust me.

  21. I totally agree with you on the pen and paper thing – it definitely makes things stick in your mind more, whereas I think all the files and documents we keep on our tech devices can just get lost in all the clutter. I’ve started keeping my ticket stubs and receipts and stuff like that when I travel, and then I tape them into my journal afterwards! It means I don’t throw them away in the trash (save the earth!), and I get to revisit a cute illustration on a cafe receipt or something 🙂

  22. It sure must be cool to read a line or two from the 8-year old you haha i can’t imagine my diary entry at that age, it would have been probably about Tamiya racing cars or playing marbles in the dirt lol

      1. hahaha i bet, don’t you just wish to be a kid without a care in the world again even for a day? and speaking of old writings, reading my facebook rants from ten years ago is just uggh lol

  23. Nice post and I totally agree. I started a travel blog for this very reason – as a place to write about my trips and to be able to remember them…and maybe giving a bit of inspiration to others at the same time.

  24. I keep an illustrated travel journal//scrapbook of sorts that’s part ticket stub storage and part sketchbook. It’s really fun, a great way to reflect, and a good way for me to keep busy on those long flights!

    1. Awh that sounds so amazing! I just made a scrap book from my last big trip that I stuck all my little ticket stubs in 🙂 such a good idea to do it on your flights as well.. it takes so long so the time really flies!

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled anywhere without documenting it in a travel journal! I’m glad I’m not the only one who still likes to use pen and paper 😊

  26. I actually decided to get one for my travelling plans. I’m really excited about writing in it as I truly love writing and storytelling. Hope I won’t get too caught up in the action and give myself 15 minutes per day to settle down my thoughts. I can relate to you, when you mentioned how the little things are the ones that truly matters. I feel the same way!

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