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A friend said to me recently that ‘everyone has that one place that they want to visit’. Be it New York City or the hills of Scotland it is safe to say there is a dream destination out there for everyone. When he said this to me he really got me thinking, as for the most part when I want to visit somewhere I really make it my business to do all I can to see it. I often see beauty bloggers writing out their ‘wishlists’ for the items they would most like to buy, so I thought for a change I would write about the three places that are on the top of my travel wishlist. There are obviously other places that I would love to visit (my flavour of the month is Cinque Terre at the moment!) but these three places would be the pinnacle of my travels.

These are destinations that appeal to me for a number of reasons. I have never really been one to lie on a beach for a week and relax, and these destinations are definitely a testament to the type of places I enjoy. These are three places that I have never been, but I can only hope that they succeed my expectations tenfold when the day comes that I can eventually get to them. None of them are necessarily difficult to get to, but require more money, time and planning than the travels I usually go on.

  1. The Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

The Galรกpagos Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and is considered one of the best places in the world for viewing wildlife. Many of the animals that call this place home can’t be found anywhere else in the world – something which I find so amazing! These islands which are off the coast of Ecuador – and are a far cry from the luscious beach resorts in the Caribbean (they are volcanic after all..)

But never have I booked a holiday simply to relax, so for me the Galapagos Islands would be a never ending adventure of snorkeling with turtles and exploring the animals below! Honestly, the sounds of it alone are amazing – but then the pictures tip me over the edge altogether. I am hopeful that I will get to travel through South America in the coming few years, and the trip definitely will not be complete unless I visit here!

2. Alberta, Canada.

Moraine Lake, Alberta
Moraine Lake, Alberta

Definitely different from the Galapagos Islands, Alberta is somewhere I dream of going. The stunning mountains in Banff National Park, the pictures of people in canoes on Lake Louise, literally every inch of this place looks like a fairytale!

My dream is to visit here, camp in the outdoors and just spend all the time I have exploring through the mountains and different lakes. In saying this, my trip would definitely have to fall within the summer months asย temperatures can fall to -20 degrees in the winter.

3. Iceland

Ring road, Iceland
Ring road, Iceland

I know the last two destinations I picked were quite specific – but honestly everything I see about Iceland blows my mind. From the Aurora Borealis to the Iceland Ring Road, the country as a whole looks absolutely stunning. Although flights are quite cheap to here from Ireland, I want to wait until I have enough money to really do it right. That means going at the right time of year to see the lights, visit the blue lagoon, drive along the ring road and uncover volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls.. honestly, I just want to explore this country and all it has to offer inside and out!

None of these destinations are impossible to get to, so I’m hoping within the next few years I manage to get them all under my belt and I’m sure I will have a new and improved wishlist to tackle by then! In the meantime, I will work towards my smaller goals of Cinque Terre and beyond! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where are the places that you would love to travel? Have you ever been to the destinations on my wishlist? Comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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30 thoughts on “My Travel Wishlist

      1. I’ve seen them too, and I agree. They’re so stunning! I just love the picturesque qualities and look forward to the hikes around there.

  1. I’m from Alberta! If you want those kind of views you definitely want to hit up Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. I live in Edmonton, if you ever head out here give me a shout! Depending on my work schedule we could meet up and I can show you some amazing places or just give you a great idea of where to go!

    1. No way!? That’s amazing! Since you’re so close do you go there often? Honestly the earliest I will get there is the middle of next year ๐Ÿ˜ญ but I’ll definitely keep you in mind ๐Ÿ˜

      1. Yeah I do, I try to head to the mountains a few times a year! Edmonton is about 4.5 hours away so it’s not too bad. Haha, I will definitely still be here so definitely keep me in mind! I actually did a post a couple weeks ago of some great hikes in Banff, since you like adventure

  2. Great choices. I would love to go to the Galรกpagos’ too. We ticked Iceland off the list last June and it was every bit as amazing as you imagine it to be. There are quite a few posts about it on my blog if you’re interested, including some alternatives to the blue lagoon (which in my view is a little over-rated). We’ve also camped in Canada, although in Ontario not Alberta – I’d love to go back and see more of the country. I hope you get to complete your wish list ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve been to Alberta a couple of years ago and I’m dying to go back! I went to visit Banff and went for a hike at Johnston Canyon. It’s truly a beautiful place, you’ll love it. Iceland is on my wishlist too! I hope to go there one day. I’ve only seen photos and they’re breathtaking!

  4. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see a Canadian destination on your list! Even though I’m from Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia are some of the most stunning areas I have ever seen and will be going back there this summer. At some point I’d like to see Ireland, Germany, and Australia. Those are on my list.

  5. These are both fab travel wishlist destinations! I’ve been to Iceland and it is unlike any other country – so beautiful and the feeling that you are so far up north in the world is really amazing. I’d love to return as I didn’t get to venture too far out from the south but there are so many amazing activities to try there that it’s definitely a place to come back to! The Galapagos Islands, on the other hand, I’ve heard are a place that you should only visit once because of the tourist footprint or something, which I find really fascinating! Snorkelling with turtles sounds so incredible and it’s definitely a really dreamy destination! I like how both destinations are really adventurous and like you could never get bored there! Lovely post! xx

    1. Thank you! Wow, I honestly didn’t know that about the Galapagos but it makes sense considering the vast amount of wildlife there! Yeah I just love visiting places where there are endless things to explore ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Iceland is on my list as well! I would also love to explore Canada someday. I’m with you…my list is long and ever changing! Oh to have an unlimited travel budget and time off to go ๐Ÿ™‚

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