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I’ve written before about how home is where the heart is, and even about why I choose not to work abroad  but really, I don’t think I can ever express how much it would break my heart to leave my little country for too long.

I, somehow, manage to be a home bird who is always desperate to fly the coop. I can’t think of a single country that I would not like to visit (without entering a war zone) because even though I know absolutely nothing about Mauritania or Yemen, I’m almost certain there is beauty to behold there. Everywhere has it’s good points, it’s little quirks, it’s reasons to fall in love with it – and I think in the last twenty two years I have fallen a bit too in love with my own country and it’s little quirks.

I can’t help but compare the hills in Slovenia to the hills in Limerick, or the beaches in California to the ones I’ve known all my life down in Kerry. And I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. I saw a video about ‘Ireland Is…’ on Facebook and it made me laugh more than once, about the little things that I’ve always loved about my country.

I know some of these might even be things that are applicable to every country in the world. But not having the hurling in September, or the little finger wagging hello to everyone you drive by in country roads are things I have grown oh too fond of.

For me, Ireland is when you can’t go a day without commenting on the weather. Where ‘championship’ is the only way people won’t question why you’re not drinking on a Saturday night. Where anything over 14 degrees means it’s officially shorts weather. It’s where cyclists will always be in the wrong and where a chicken fillet roll can fix any hangover, not matter how severe. Where ‘shur, it’ll be grand’ followed by cup of tea is the solution to any problem . Where ‘Olé, Olé’ breaks out in any large gathering even though it’s a Spanish song. Where gingers are no more accepted than anywhere else and where leaving on the immersion is an act that is punishable by death (or by the wooden spoon, which is worse!). *I realize some of these might actually be confusing if you’re not from Ireland!

Ballybunnion, Kerry
Ballybunnion, Kerry (Ireland)

It’s where the most friendly people I have met have been from. It’s the place that doesn’t get enough credit from the people who are from here, and it’s definitely the place that I will always stay (longterm, at least). Every country has these little quirks, the ones that you miss so much when you go somewhere else no matter how much you love travelling.

So, what are your countries quirks, the things that you just can’t help but miss? 😃

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18 thoughts on “Home Is Where Our Story Begins….

  1. I’ve never visited Ireland but would love to one day!

    I’m from the UK and I’ve got to say that I’d probably miss the sarcasm, and our weird habit of constantly apologizing to people, even when we’re not the one in the wrong. Seriously, the number of times someones bumped in to me and I’ve automatically said ‘sorry’ then wondered why the heck I said that…

  2. I love this: “a home bird who is always desperate to fly the coop” – I feel the same way so often! I am so passionate about traveling but I’m very much looking forward to being back home in the U.S.!

  3. I miss proper, orderly queues – the French drive me crazy as they just do not understand how to queue (and it has to be said, the older people are the worst). I think living abroad has made me appreciate the UK more, and I’m so excited to be coming home for Christmas!!

      1. There really isn’t, so frustrating! But being British I rarely complain, unless it’s a particularly long queue that someone’s just shoved into. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too!

  4. If I was from Ireland I probably would never leave either 😛
    I miss things about the US, but not enough to want to move back there for an extended period of time. Maybe one day, but not yet.

    1. The only thing I got used to while living in the US was pedaling backwards to engage the brakes on my bike… That was a hard one to shake when I moved back, I kept pedaling backwards and coasting across junctions and through red lights 😂 you might learn to love its quirks some day though.

  5. Awh man I love Ireland too. I’ve only ever lived in Dublin and don’t visit the countrysides much but I’ve been on rosd trips to Tipperary and visited Wexford for weekends to name some. I also find myself pining to return to Dublin and the good ole Irish weather whenever I go away. This post definitely hits home on some things for me too.

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.

    1. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few counties in Ireland and I’ve loved them all! I also know people who would escape the country at every chance they get, so it’s all preference I guess

  6. So refreshing. I enjoyed reading it. Ireland does sound incredible. I remember watching a movie called ‘P.S I love you’ long time ago where they had such beautiful country shots from Ireland. I should really try to go there once but since it’s not in Schengen zone, the visa process is a little difficult for me than going to other EU countries. The beach on the last photo looks very beautiful by the way! But I guess you can’t swim in the waters for most of the year 🙁

    1. I just looked it up in the hopes you would not need a visa to visit Ireland, but Nepal seems to be one of the few countries that requires one sadly! Hopefully you will get here one day 🙂

  7. I relate so much to this! I’m travelling Australia at the moment and will be away from home for probably 2 years if my visa works out. Trying to find a balance between missing England (my home) which I love so much and the desperate need to travel and see as much of the world as I can is really difficult! If only the two weren’t 9000 miles away haha! 🙂

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