I visited Prague earlier in the year with a group of friends and I just fell in love! (way earlier in the year in fact). Prague was as magical as I thought it would be – and then some. The whole city oozes fairy tale vibes. It’s gorgeous architecture and brightly coloured buildings really make it something to behold. But Prague is far from just a pretty face! I found it was the perfect weekend destination and these are a few reasons why:

  1.  It’s Cheap


It’s so cheap! Obviously like anywhere you have to avoid the typical tourist traps of eating/drinking right at the main square and attractions but even they aren’t as expensive as you would think. To put it into perspective on how cheap it is for you: I went on a night out with the equivalent of €15 and came home 6 hours later…. with change! You will notice if you visit that it is a big destination for Stag do’s and it’s cheap nightlife is definitely the reason why.

2. The Quirky Tourist Attractions


There is nothing better than a good wall, and the Lennon Wall is one of the coolest I have ever seen. This wall is the Czech expression of freedom from the communist era tucked away down a quiet little street. The best part is that this wall is constantly being painted over/added to meaning no two times you visit will it look exactly the same. The biggest attraction in the city is an astronomical clock and it draws in a huge crowd every hour it goes out.

3. It’s An All Year Round Destination


In the summer you are welcomed into Prague with lovely warm weather but even in the winter it has its perks as it is home to one of the largest Christmas Markets in Europe. This makes it the perfect destination to visit all year round! I visited in late April/May and the weather was mild but still very sunny. So even if you don’t go exactly in the summer months it’s not that bad.

4. Amazing Nightlife


As I said earlier, it is home for a lot of stag parties because of how cheap the food and drink is. This might turn some people off from visiting but it also means you are guaranteed a great crowd whatever night you go out. Prague is home to the biggest nightclub in Europe called Karlovy Lazne . It has five floors each with different music that doesn’t close until 5am so if you’re looking for a crazy night – you will more than likely find it here! Harley bar is another great place to go. It’s literally the craziest bar I have ever been into! They practically encourage you to dance on their tables and chairs, do impromptu fire shows behind the bar and play everything from Papa Roche to David Guetta.

5. The Old Town Square


I found the Old Town Square in Prague to be one of the nicest I have ever been to (and I have seen quite a few ‘old town squares’ in my time!). There is quite a lot of hustle and bustle but nothing you couldn’t handle. The weather was dry so we sat on the ground and just soaked up the views around us. There are a lot of segway tour guides in the square which is the only downside. But truth be told they actually talked us into doing one and it turned out to be one of the best things we did while we were there! We got a tour of the city and also got to try navigate a segway (there was at least two crashes in our group and one fall-off!)


Personally I found the 3 nights/four days to be enough to get everything done. Being perfectly honest we treated more as a ‘crazy girls weekend away’ as opposed to a sight seeing destination so our days were filled with hangovers and it was only towards the afternoon we came to life again (breakfast in Prague? We couldn’t tell you!) but in saying that we still felt like we saw a lot of the city despite our late morning rises! (and early mornings sleeps technically). We have had a few of these weekends away together and Prague is definitely the city that has left the biggest impression on me. It really is a gorgeous city and if you are in Europe would be the perfect place for a weekend get-away for friends or couples a-like (it is quite a romantic setting!).

Have you ever been to Prague? Or is it somewhere you ever considered visiting?

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekend Getaway

  1. Great blog post! 🙂
    I loved Prague too. I visited with a friend a few years ago in spring and we caught great weather. Sunshine for two days! It was just so perfect. At the time, I hadn’t been to that many old town squares in Europe, so I was obviously mind-blown! I loved everything about Prague. I often tell people that Prague is my favorite city in Europe. I am curious if I will still feel the same after traveling there this January.. Especially I’ve since traveled to many places. But we’ll see. 🙂 Lucky that I live just 6 hours car ride from Prague here in Poland! It’s just the ideal weekend destination. 🙂

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