The seats are kinda small, everything extra costs money, if you don’t double check it you could end up 50 miles outside of the city you are planning to visit – but are these REALLY good enough reasons for you to shun this airline company? They have a huge sale on for Black Friday this week and I will definitely be nabbing myself a seat to London in the new year, which begs the question why anyone would pass up such an offer?

Speaking as a 20-something year old, pretty broke traveller – Ryanair is my savior. I look forward to sitting in their seats with my knees almost touching the seat in front (haha just kidding, I’m 5″1 I don’t even come close) and turning down their tea and coffee while I nibble on my pre-packed snacks to save some cash, all the while giggling because the euros I saved in choosing this airline can be carelessly be spent elsewhere. I actually feel bad that Ryanair has the reputation that it has because I’ve found the airline to be nothing but brilliant on every journey.

So what are their downfalls exactly and why don’t people like them? Alright, the lack of leg room. But in their more recent planes they have far more leg room than ever before. Even if this is an issue for you I think it costs roughly €14 for an emergency exit seat? A bank breaker, I know… Or you could suck it up for the one and a half hour flight you probably weren’t going to sleep on anyway… it’s up to you.

Their food is overpriced? Oh boohoo. Not once have I found a person who has enjoyed the food provided on an airplane, and even if you can’t last the length of this short haul flight just think in advance and bring some snacks with you. I am a demon for bringing food on planes with me (non-offensive smelling, I promise) so the price of food hasn’t really been an issue for me 40,000 feet up. Also it’s pretty much a no-brainer to over charge for food when you are the only place that can supply it at that point in time, it’s just good business.

I have actually been caught with their flights to Amsterdam before the days they actually flew into Amsterdam itself. Notorious for flying into the tiniest, far away airports they left me with the option to fly into ‘Eindhoven’ which is actually not Amsterdam. Now I’m sure Eindhoven is great don’t get me wrong, it’s just not the place I wanted to visit. But on this occasion I did my homework and just bit the bullet and booked Aer Lingus for that one time (rather reluctantly.. I even ended up in the wrong terminal by the Ryanair flights at the airport, hard to kick a habit!). But it was simple and my problems were solved. Even in destinations such as Paris I have heard that you actually get to the centre quicker from the airport they fly to because the traffic around Charles De Gaulle is so bad – so sometimes its a good thing.

They aren’t as stringent with their baggage ryanairallowance like they were in years previous either. Now you are allowed bring two bags on board with you (hand luggage and a backpack/handbag/laptop bag.. you can really push this if you try!) and it doesn’t cost that much to add a bag if you really, really need to.

I might sound like an advocate for Ryanair but really I’m just a huge advocate of cheaper airlines. Moral of the story is, why be so materialistic that you have to fork out so much for a short flight? The longest you are gonna be stuck on a plane with a budget airline is what, 5 hours at most? So I say it’s time to suck it up, book your flight and use the money you save on an experience that will stay with you forever when you reach your destination. For me it’s a complete no-brainer, Ryanair give me the opportunity to travel with very little cost so I fly with them and everyone is happy! ….but then again I used to live in a one bedroom apartment with nine other girls and no furniture so I’m probably lacking a small bit of class.

How do you feel about Budget Airlines? Do you like flying with places like Ryanair or Spirit Airlines or do you like to splash that extra bit for comfort?

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17 thoughts on “Dare To Go Ryanair?

  1. I completely agree with you! Why do people complain when they can book at “normal” airlines and get the comfort they want? I think budget airlines such as RyanAir have revolutionized travel industry.. So many young people and others can afford to travel more frequently now, thanks to these budget airlines. I always choose these airlines where ever it’s possible; but for example when I flew to Amsterdam this past March, I chose KLM, because I didn’t want to bother with Eindhoven. Otherwise, it’s mostly WizzAir or RyanAir. I use WizzAir more as I live in Poland and I think they have more connections to elsewhere than RyanAir. But I’ve also flown RyanAir plenty of times and more than once was lucky to find emergency seats with bigger legroom (randomly placed! ha ha. Also, sometimes it can sometimes be cheaper to fly to regional airport and take a ride to the city center.

    1. So true! If you want the comfort don’t bother with it in the first place and give out. I can literally fly over to London for the same price it costs me to take a bus in Ireland from where I live now to where I’m from! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you that Ryanair has improved in recent years – for me, getting two bags in hand luggage is a massive plus and far outweighs the legroom (which let’s face it, is pretty tight whichever budget airline you’re flying with). Ryanair tends not to be my budget airline of choice, but that’s simply because often the flight options from my local airports don’t correspond to where I want to go – so it tends to be easyJet or Flybe for me. It still beats me why people bother to complain when there are so many other airlines they could choose instead if it mattered so much to them!

    1. Yeah being able to cram all your clothes in your small suitcase and sneak your shoes in your handbag is a serious plus haha! I have found any budget airline I have flown with have been great and offered great customer service so I have nothing to complain about even if I wanted to! (apart from a few rocky landings but hey, once I land in one piece I’m happy!)

  3. Most of the complaints I hear about Ryanair seem to be people who didn’t know their policies and didn’t read the fine print, which is usually their own fault. I’ve always found everything very transparent with them and never had problems with hidden fees or sneak attacks!

    1. Me too. I was in line before and a girl was giving out because she had hand luggage and a laptop bag back when you were only allowed the one bag and she got so angry with them but really, it was no ones fault but her own! I’ve literally not once had a problem with them, and found them more lenient that anything.

      1. Yeah I once heard a lady have a complete meltdown because she hadn’t printed her ticket and didn’t have a smart phone but didn’t want to pay the fee… I mean, all the paperwork warns you about it. Stop acting like it’s so unfair.

  4. Great post! Ryanair is like a flying bus. However, you are right it has brought the overall cost of fares much lower. Some of the plonkers that go on there can easily be ignored by headphones. I personally always prefer an airline slightly better but at a good deal I.e. Jet 2. They seem to just be more organised, both my Ryanair flights this trip were delayed by an hour but you get there safe and sound!

  5. I haven’t tried Ryan because I…well, I don’t know why. Maybe I just didn’t want to deal with “stuff.” But it looks like you flew into Bratislava?? Thanks for visiting my site, and hey…how did you find my blog?

  6. I actually really like Ryanair! You have to make sure to print your boarding passes before, but otherwise the seat sizes and food haven’t really phased me. You really can’t beat the prices.

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