4 Ways To Start Achieving Your Goals

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“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

This quote could definitely not be more true. Although I know I predominantly write about travelling – which this post is definitely still applicable, but not solely focused on, I felt like I had to post this (because blogs are all about writing what you think – right?!). I took a serious step today towards a goal of mine and what better way to celebrate it than to explain the ways I got there.


I think it’s really important for people to get out of their comfort zone and start something before it’s too late. I mean, when I started this blog in early 2016 I could have told myself that the market is too saturated and ‘everyone is a blogger‘ but if I didn’t start the day I did then when was I going to? I have admittedly dipped my toes in quite a few ponds in my lifetime from YouTube and songwriting to some other things and I have not regretted starting a single one of them. Pretty much sums it all up doesn’t it?

1. Set Goals That Motivate You

If you set a goal that has no motivation behind it, it’s very hard to follow through on it. Goals that you set need to be important and have value to you. This goes back to the old school days of setting ‘SMART’ goals but if it’s measurable throughout the process, it will motivate you even more to continue towards success.

2. Write It Down! 

I’m a lover of writing everything and anything down. I currently have four different post-it’s stuck to my desk, one to my notepad and one on my shelf. When you write things down they act as a constant reminder to you that you have to do them – and that’s exactly how you should treat your goal! Writing down your goals is the first step to crossing that starting line!

3. Mark The Milestones

There are small successes in every journey. Be it travelling, weight loss, blogging  – there are always smaller goals which lead you to the bigger picture. I always thought my blog was going to be just a hobby and then last week I got the chance to write sponsored content and it was a huge deal for me! If you don’t celebrate the small things you will never be happy – so it’s nice to enjoy them when they come around and remind you that what you’re doing is really worth it. This is actually my 50th post on this blog, so there’s a milestone right there to celebrate! 😃

4. Be Ballsy! 

Definitely not the most politically correct term I have ever used but you just need to stick your neck out and take a chance! I took a chance on this blog and so far I feel like it has paid off. I have put my neck on the line with projects more times than I can count and honestly I struggle to remember the times when it didn’t work in my favour. Belief is the single strongest force you can use when trying to plan your future and succeed. ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ isn’t a well no phrase for no reason.

These are the four steps that really help me in getting towards my goals in every part in life. Fitness, Travelling, College – I’m happy with everything I have achieved to date. Goals don’t have to be ‘earning 50k by the time you’re 25’ – I have set goals to go to festivals in foreign countries and to put my washing on every Wednesday (failing at the one, by the way!).  I wouldn’t have traveled nor had this travel blog if it wasn’t for setting myself goals. I mean, my goal in life is to see as much of the world as I can – so I have to set a lot of smaller goals in order to make that magic happen! 😃

So, what kind of things help you achieve your goals? are there other steps you take?

4 thoughts on “4 Ways To Start Achieving Your Goals

  1. I feel the same way about blogging. I thought about it for years, and finally did it randomly, and now my hesitation is in going more public. Like I have only told 3 ppl from ‘m real life’. Stepping out of my comfort zone and making my blog was really fun &scary at the samw time, and I’m glad I didn’t wait a second more :)) the way i make sure I achieve my goals is making sure i have little goals that aren’t overwhelming! –Jess

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