The Nightmare Realm is Ireland’s most terrifying scare house. It is described as  an ‘extreme walk-through horror event preying on your deepest fears and nightmares and twisting them into a deadly reality‘. It is held in both Cork and Dublin making it easily accessible from most counties and both have different themes, so if you want to do both you can!


It is a thrilling experience for all horror enthusiasts and people who love a good scare. I, who fall under both categories decided that this is something I have put off for long enough and decided to book my tickets to get a good scare!

I chose the Dublin location this year. The whole walk through takes about 30 minutes give or take. It can take a bit less if you rush through it but it’s good to take your time and take it all in. The walk-through consists of a lot of dark hallways. Probably a small bit too dark because I had no clue which direction to walk in but it definitely adds to the suspense as you walk around each corner! Each hallways leads into a different style of room guaranteed to give you a good scare and there are parts which are very interactive, adding to the fun. They have everything from butchers and clowns to goblins and girls who look like they crawled right out of the TV from The Ring. Flashing lights and banging noises often go off on top of it all, giving you a fright even when no one is around!

I think that it is definitely something that you should go to if you are easily frightened or not. Personally I didn’t find it that scary but it was worth the money for the laughs I got off my friends who did! It is definitely up to the person as to whether or not it is scary as there were people in my group who came out laughing, and others who came out literally sweating (a 6ft 5 boy no less, just in case you thought it was a girl!) but you get your monies worth either way. They even take your photo unexpectedly and it makes for a hilarious picture for some people (they even put all the pictures on Facebook so you aren’t strong-armed into buying one).


Ticket prices vary depending on off-peak and peak visits as well as adding the option for a fast pass (skip the queue). The wait wasn’t that bad in Dublin so I wouldn’t advise opting for the fast pass, and the wait creates a bit of suspense for those who are apprehensive about going in (which makes it all the better!).

Prices were as follows:
Dublin – On peak it cost us €18 for a Student and €21 for an Adult and off-peak prices are €16 for a Student and €19 for an Adult incl booking fee.
Cork – On peak costs €16 for a Student and €19 for an Adult and off-peak prices were €14 for a student and €16 for an Adult incl booking fee.

It runs until the 5th of November this year and if you get a chance to go I would really recommend it for a good Halloween treat! I didn’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that is going – the fear is in the unknown after all 😉

Happy Hallowe’en!!


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