If you are from Ireland then you know the country is split into two in the eyes of some. There’s Dublin,and then the rest of the country! Being from ‘the country’ (which spans anywhere from rural West Cork to the hustle and bustle of Galway City and everything surrounding/in between) I found it hard to warm to Dublin in the beginning. The constant label of being a ‘Culchie’* grew old as did the assumptions I lived on a farm, never saw a shopping centre in my life and found Dublin to be the greatest place in the history of the world.

Now that I have been here almost a year I have grown used to the people and some of their comments and can finally appreciate the county that I live in for what it is. Since I have been here I have actually seen quite a bit of the county (some parts more than others) and these are some of my favourite places to visit (so far!):

5) St. Stephens Green


Call me a sucker, but I love a good green! Just like Central Park in New York, Stephens Green allows you to be in the city centre while avoiding the hustel and bustle of the streets surrounding it. It’s not huge, but it’s substantial enough and a great place to sit down and relax on sunnier days.

4) Dublin Zoo


I haven’t visited here in a few years but it is somewhere I always loved to go. Located in Pheonix Park in Dublin it is host to a range of different animals and with tickets at €17, it works out at a pretty cheap day out if you think about it.

3) Croke Park


Being the ‘culchie’ that I am, most trips to Dublin in my childhood revolved around Croke Park – a stadium for GAA (Gaelic Games). Unfortunately, I didn’t make too many trips due to my team never reaching there quite often but it holds fond memories and no matter if you win or lose on the day you are guaranteed a great day out and an amazing atmosphere.

2) Killiney Hill 


Honestly Killiney Hill Park has one of the best views from the top that I have ever seen. Although there are a lot of steps leading up to the pinnicle of this hill, it is worth every single one. I visited here to watch the sunset and it was absolutely magical.



There is no doubt in my mind that Howth is my favourite place in all of Dublin. The little town is full of character, and fish & chip shops! You can go here to relax or you can talk a walk along Howth Hill to enjoy the views from above. I have been here in all kinds of weather and there are people around no matter what. I’m not quite sure what exactly has me so taken with this little place, but honestly I think it is somewhere everyone should visit if they are in Dublin.


So have you been to Dublin before? Where are your favourite places?

*A ‘culchie’ [kul-chee] in Ireland is someone who isn’t from the city, or in the case of someone from Dublin it is referred to as someone from anywhere but Dublin. (Can you tell I don’t like this phrase?!)

25 thoughts on “My Favourite Places In Dublin

  1. I really enjoyed visiting Malahide when I was last in Dublin, though I didn’t actually go in the castle! I remember visiting Dublin Zoo and the Guinness Factory years ago with my family, but the last time I went I just did a walking tour of Dublin and didn’t really go in any attractions.. I’d love to explore the rest of Ireland (both parts) one day, as the landscapes look stunning πŸ™‚

    1. Malahide is beautiful! I actually adore that entire part of Dublin (Malahide, Portmarnock, Howth, Sutton..etc!) but I thought a list of beaches might be a post for another day!😊 the west of Ireland is definitely the most beautiful in my opinion so if you ever come back then Galway, Clare, Kerry, West Cork would be great places to vist!

  2. Have you visited the Wishing Stone on Killiney Hill? That was my reason for visiting, but we didn’t find it. If we had more time, I would have hiked around some more looking until I found it.

    1. I caught a quick glimpse of it but unfortunately I went to the opposite side of the hill once I reached the top to watch the sun set! Hopefully I will get to go up again and enjoy the view from the Wishing Stone instead πŸ™‚

  3. I’m from New York and pleased to say I’ve been to 3 of your 5 places–Howth, Stephens Green, and Croke Park, where I watched my college team play American football against another US team two years ago! I love Dublin–and, especially, the National Museum/Archaeology. But, I agree that your whole country is lovely–I like the west coast, up to and including Donegal, the best!

    1. That’s pretty good going, especially managing to squeeze in a visit to Croke Park! The West Coast is by far the most beautiful part in my eye but I grew up not too far from there so I might be a small bit bias πŸ˜‹

  4. We only spent a day in Dublin and it poured the entire time. So we mainly did the touristy things that allowed us to stay indoors. I would love to go back someday and check out some of these places.

    1. That’s such a pity! It’s honestly one of the most beautiful countries when you get the right weather.. the right weather isn’t very frequent though haha! Hopefully you will get to experience it properly in the future πŸ™‚

  5. Howth is superb. Malahide, too. I like the Botanical Gardens also. We have friends who used to live in Clare Hall. They’re both born Dubliners who’ve since moved *away* from the city out to Rush. City slickers gone to the country, I guess. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been meaning to go to the Botanical Gardens for ages! Funny you should say that, coworkers of mine were slagging someone from Rush today saying he might as well not even live in Dublin because it’s so far out πŸ˜… I’m not a whole pile closer to the city out in Santry!

  6. Hahaha! I know EXACTLY what you mean… I moved to Dublin from the North 16 years ago, and it’s taken me most of that time to shake off the label of “Nordie”! You’ve picked a lot of my favourite places too… I also love Iveagh Gardens in the city centre, and the Botanical Gardens. Now is a great time to visit the Botanical Gardens if you can… I was there last week and it was beautiful!

    1. I work in a company with sales reps up north and they are all known as the Nordies haha! I’ve never been to either but I see the Botanical Gardens has a pumpkin patch so I’m REALLY eager to go check it out!! πŸ™‚

      1. You should! Although the pumpkin patch has been picked (try saying that quickly ten times!) and is now part of their Hallowe’en display in the courtyard beside the visitor centre. Some of the pumpkins are MASSIVE! So yes, check it out… And don’t forget to head to the Gravediggers for a pint afterwards πŸ˜‰

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