Why You Should Go To A Music Festival At Least Once In Your Life

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Festivals are always an haven for happiness. I have never once been to a festival where I didn’t see smiles plastered on peoples faces come rain, hail or shine. I know that festivals aren’t some peoples thing – too many people, too loud, too drunk, but for me I look at it as a place to let go and enjoy myself. Since it’s the first day of Electric Picnic here in Ireland and I’m not attending I’m feeling pretty nostalgic! Here are some reasons why I think everyone should attend a festival at least once in their lives.

Mysterland 2

(There I am, Representin’ Ireland!)

1.The People

It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert, there will be people everywhere and they will talk to you whether you like it or not. From friendly conversation in a queue to banter with strangers amid a crowd – you are bound to make a friend or two somewhere. What’s even better is that if they are attending the same event as you, they are somewhat like minded as you!

2. The Experience

Experiencing something you love with a crowd of people with the same interest is exhilarating. Be it music, art, dance – you are all there to appreciate and take part in the same thing, and that in itself is amazing. Personally, my favourite feeling is getting up on someones shoulders and just looking around the crowds at a music festival. There is literally no better feeling!

3. The Attire

Anything goes. It doesn’t matter what genre it is or what country you are going to, getting dressed up is one of the best parts. Just this summer I got dressed at a festival and my boyfriend asked ‘Where did you pull these clothes out of?!’ little does he know I have a secret stash of perfectly ridiculous clothes, waiting for festival season to rear its gorgeous head.

4. The Great Outdoors

Not all, but most festivals are held in the great outdoors. During the summer months you can spend your nights out, enjoying the music and the elements – and believe it or not, rain actually isn’t that bad. A lot of festivals involve camping as well and while it might not be for everyone, I think it is something you have to try an experience at least once!

5. The Music

My god, the music. I’m lucky that all the festivals I have attended the acts have actually sang live so I have gotten my monies worth (some festivals with large, pop headliners tend to choose to mime every once and awhile). I love concerts, but attending a festival where you get to hear a variety of different acts and sometimes even different genres in the same day/few days is just a brilliant experience. If you’re not big on crowds you can always hang back and enjoy the music from a-far and if you are like me, you can always squeeze your way up to the front and enjoy the live performance while simultaneously being crushed!(it’s all for the love of the arts after all!)

Have you ever been to a music festival? Do you like them or loath them?

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Go To A Music Festival At Least Once In Your Life

  1. I went to my first Music Festival, and it was amazing! one of a kind experiences, I want to make a blog post about it but I lost my phone in there so I have just 2 photos haha hopefully my friend would find some 🙂 nice post

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