The Benefits Of Travelling With Friends

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It’s no secret I’m personally not a big fan of solo travel but I think there is a lot to be said for leaving your significant other at home every once and awhile and going on a trip with your friends.

Here are some benefits to travelling with your friends..

I have found that there is no better way to bond with your friends like taking a trip away and making memories to last a lifetime together. As great as going out together on a Saturday night is, it’s great to change up the scene and do things that you wouldn’t usually do together. Years later we still laugh about memories we have made together!

Travelling with good friends who you comfortable means when you’re grumpy or tired you can be a straight up pain in the ass and they just ignore you and carry on. Significant others are great, but they don’t take the grumpy girlfriend as well as your friends do! (in my experience anyway!)

Getting away from the world and spending quality time is just good for everyone involved. I think it’s healthy to spend a few days away from your boyfriend/girlfriend and travelling with friends gives you the chance to spend some quality time together as well. Two birds, one stone!


I think I might be luckier than most to have a group of friends who are trust worthy, understanding and loyal (as all good friends should be) so these possibly don’t apply to everyone. In the times we have been away together we help each other out and if a fight every breaks out (lets be honest, with a group of girls it is inevitable!) I think we have finally mastered the art of forgetting it after an hour or two and moving on so we can enjoy the rest of our time together. My mother who is in her fifties often goes on trips with her friends from school, a small bit of proof on how your friendships can benefit from taking trips away.

Do you like to travel with your friends, or do you prefer to go solo/with your other half?

13 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Travelling With Friends

  1. For me, it depends on where am I goin. LOL. If a certain trip includes some adventure activities, I prefer to go with my friends. But if a trip is just for some RnR or a chill of some sort, sometimes I want to go solo or with my boyfriend (if he’s available HAHA).

    yes, traveling with friends is real fun! Just make sure you go with the right people, because admit it, we have this friend who is just a pain in the a** hahaha. Some are Kill-joy, some are too slow to move which compromises your trip schedule hahaha. Those are some qualities of people I rather avoid if we are on a trip :p

    1. Definitely! I’m lucky that my friends and I don’t take eachothers shit anymore and if someone is being a pain we just call them out on it, honestly makes the traveling process a lot smoother haha!

  2. I have not yet traveled on my own. However, it is something that I would like to try! (When I’m ready haha) I love traveling with friends though. Like what you said, you get that quality time with friends and you can all share the memories together!

    1. I have only really traveled on my own in my own country, but from that alone I have come to realize it’s not for me. I won’t even eat somewhere on my own! I’ll just go hungry 😂

  3. It depends on the destination and on the state of mind. I’ve been to travelling on my own as well with friends and I liked it either way. When you’re travelling solo you can make new friends, but goind away with the “gang” is also fun!

    1. Yeah, I think it really depends on the individual! Some people are great to go off on their own and I find that very brave – I just always seem to get in a pickle and need the help of a friend every time I go away haha! Hopefully I will learn independence some day!

  4. In my 20s my best friend and I traveled together all the time. Even though we had completely different travel styles and interests, we made it work wonderfully. We compromised. I would do what she wanted part of the time and she would then do what I wanted to do. I think our mutual love for travel made us closer. She now lives four time zones away, and I am married with a kid, so we haven’t traveled together in awhile, but I’m hoping for a girls’ trip soon! It is definitely important to do things without your significant other from time to time.

  5. Compromise is definitely one of the most important things when it comes to a having a travel buddy.. I’m glad you found yours! I think my parents are testimony to this as they often go on short breaks without each other. They miss each other a lot when they are gone, but that is part of the beauty of it I think!

  6. Great post! I don’t even remember when was the last when I traveled with someone. I usually travel solo. I spend so much time surrounded by people that I need my alone time once in a while so prefer to travel on my own.

  7. Traveling with friends sounds fun, but I really haven’t found anyone that I like to travel with as much as my S.O. We are very compatible when traveling and I can’t imagine doing it without her. And when we travel, we build in times to do things apart, so we get a little bit of the solo experience and some ‘away time’ that we all need.

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