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Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Hotels are always nice to stay in for a get away. You get a big room with a big bed and if you’re lucky even a gym and pool to pass the time by in. But sometimes I think maybe the rooms are a bit over priced for what you are getting?

Usually when you go away it is to see and explore a new part of the world, be it in your own home country or in a foreign land. So how much time do you actually spend in this lavish room you have paid for? Are you going to have time to access all their amenities like their pool and spa? (a spa which is usually quite expensive).

The last few times I have had to book somewhere to stay I have ended up booking a room in a guest house. The first was in Rome  and the second was in Killarney . Both of these guest houses provided myself and my boyfriend with a room that included a single bed as well as a double bed. Both were spacious, clean with a lovely en suite. In Colosseo Relais we were brought our choice of breakfast every morning to our room at our chosen time, and in Killarney they kindly got up at half 5 in the morning to make us porridge before we embarked on our Charity Cycle   and cooked a full Irish breakfast the morning after. Both places were run by lovely, friendly staff making our stay much more personal than if we were to have chosen a hotel. I have a wedding coming up at the end of July and once again I have chosen to book a B&B in the countryside of Cork and I have no doubts that our stay will be just as pleasant as my previous experiences.

The odd lavish hotel getaway is always great, but if you want a really personal and welcoming stay you can never go wrong with a nice B&B.  Comment on whether you prefer a B&B, Hotel or another form of short term accommodation 😃


8 thoughts on “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

  1. I agree! If you’re there to explore, then you won’t be lounging around in your hotel room. I think safety is a given with the big chain hotels… at least that’s the mindset. Hopefully word of mouth will help B&Bs because they are much more affordable.

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  2. I always opted for B&B’s in Europe prior to kids. But now that we travel with a toddler, we not only need the extra space for a crib, but we have found we spend more time in the hotel since she goes to bed early and needs naps, as well. Parenthood has changed our traveling style a lot! In fact, we are now looking at renting an apartment during our next trip to Europe instead of a hotel.

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  3. I’ve gone with Air BnB for apartments lately and before that hostels offering private en suite rooms. I think hotel rooms are only really nice when there is nothing else to do due to bad weather and/or you are sick (then a big room with a big bed and many tv channels and room service is a joy!)

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  4. I normally prefer a b&b for the fact that the breakfasts are usually so much better than hotels!! But I have stayed in a spa hotel (for my birthday last year) and it was pretty special 🙂 but I think it depends on the occasion… For the odd weekend away B&B’s are better I think!

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