At the beginning of the year I decided to sign up to a 180km cycle around the Ring of Kerry. This is a loop around some of the most beautiful parts in Kerry, Ireland. The cycle itself is all done in one day with around 11,500 participants making it an amazing experience.

The cycle is broken down into three 60km parts with official stops along the way to refuel and recharge but if this isn’t enough for you there are more smaller stops in between along the way.

Honestly, this experience has taught me that the best way to see somewhere is most definitely to cycle! Being only 5ft1 I’m not your typical cyclist build butย if you push through and make sure you eat enough anyone can get through it. Not only did I get lucky enough to experience the Ring of Kerry (and for the most part got clear skies on the day) but while training I got to explore Howth, Malahide, Phoenix Park in Dublin, The Wicklow Mountains and The Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary. These are all places I probably would not have explored to date had I not hopped on the bike and cycled through them. Although my bum is pretty sore now I most definitely don’t regret it and for anyone who thinks they would not be able for something like this – a small bit of training and great company will get you across that finish line ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. So beautiful! I’ve always loved getting on a bike and cycling around the neighbourhood. You’re right… it is a great way to explore AND get some exercise in.

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