The Best Types Of Travel Buddies

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When you go away there are the worst types of travel companions, and then there are the best. Here are a list of the best types of people to surround yourself with on that weekend away.

  1. The Organised One

It’s always great to have someone who can put their foot forward and start planning the trip for you. Someones gotta do it, and some people are born for the job! I will admit I like to be involved with the organizing of a trip away, but it’s nice to be able to sit back and let people sort out the nitty gritty.

2. The ‘Ya, I Got It!’ One

It is inevitable that you are going to forget something when you are packing, and then there are stuff you end up needing while you were away that you would never have dreamed of packing. From bandages and scissors to extra socks and sunglasses, this friend packs ’em all and becomes the complete lifesaver of the group. It’s great to have one of these around in your time of need!

3. The ‘Get Up & Go!’ One

It’s easy to sleep in until crazy o’clock while you are at home, and away! The only difference it when you are abroad you want to make the most of your time there. Sadly, sometimes the love triangle between yourself, your bed and sleeping is just too hard to leave behind. It’s great to have someone there to kick you up the ass and tell you to get yourself in gear so you don’t miss out on the good stuff.

4. The Mother Figure One

When travelling in groups, especially when you are younger it can feel like you are all following each other like a line of lost ducks. Sometimes it’s nice to have a mother of the group who is sensible and knows what they are doing. A gentle reminder to put on suncream and to drink more water every once and awhile goes a really long way, just once the mother hen doesn’t go to over the top.

5. The Decision Making One 

There is nothing worse than two or more indecisive people abroad. Whether it is what to do with your day, where to eat, or how to get there – making decisions with an indecisive group can be a nightmare! It’s great to have that one person who knows what to do and when to do it. It might seem like they are running the show, and maybe they are! But the only thing worse than a group of indecisive people is a group of extremely hungry indecisive people.


*Disclaimer: These are all great travel companions to have once they don’t go over the top. If they are extremes, they quickly make it on to the worst travel companions list!

Comment below and let me know your favourite type of travel companion!

7 thoughts on “The Best Types Of Travel Buddies

  1. This is SPOT ON! #3 is the one I think I need the most. It is so easy to sleep in on holidays, but every time I’m forced out of bed, I’m glad they did so.

    1. Tell me about it! I need to be dragged out of my bed kicking and screaming! What’s worse is I have a group of friends who are all the exact same – we didn’t leave the house before 2pm any day on our recent trip to Prague! 😂

    1. I won’t lie, that is really where I struggle! Lately I’ve been trying to get up before everyone else and shower and try and get my hangover out of the way before everyone wakes up.. but I’m still a mess for half the day haha!

  2. Wish my friends were anywhere close to these! 😛 Last time (2011) when I actually went on vacation with them to a beach,they didn’t even enter the water :3

    So I travel solo.

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