Reasons To Ditch The City Life

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I lived in the countryside until I was 17 years of age and moved away for college. This was only 25 minutes away from my wonderful home in the middle of nowhere. Next, I moved an hour and a half away from home to Galway City. I was in a city, but a beautiful one with a beach only five minutes away – countryside was never far. Now, I live in Dublin City miles from home and the serenity that came with it. It was only when I moved here that I realized there really is nowhere quite like the country. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.The Beauty

Growing up in the countryside I think I took the sights for granted. The beauty of being able to always see the stars at night, to stumble upon beauty rivers and wildlife. It was only once I moved away that I realized how beautiful the countryside is and how much I took it for granted. Currently out my window I see perfectly tended to green, and past that a car park for a gym. The sights just don’t compare.

2.The Calmness

The serenity when you leave the city is so beautiful. There is no nicer feeling that going outside and enjoying the peace around you. No noises of cars or people, just the sound of birds singing in the trees in the morning. When you live in the country, chances are you also have a nice back garden where you can enjoy this peaceful feeling – not on a balcony off the side of your city apartment.

3.The Local Feeling

Where I grew up, everybody knew everybody. There is a safe and welcoming feeling being around people you can trust. If there is ever something strange around our area word spreads quickly because everyone looks out for one another. I have been living in my apartment for a few months now with neighbours on all sides of me yet the only exchange I have had with a neighbour was when they passed our cat back over to our balcony from theres. Friends for life, eh?


The price of everything drops dramatically. From rent to simple things like bread and milk, everything becomes cheaper when you leave the city. I currently pay three times as much for rent as I would at home and I am further from the city centre in Dublin than the closest city center from my country home. On top of this, I can’t afford a car because the rent of living in this city is so high! Woe is me!


This can be seen as a pro or a con, depending on the person. In the country it is so much easier to disconnect from the social media world for awhile. Both in my house, the local, and everywhere in between the mobile data is absolutely shocking meaning that you actually have to talk to the person beside you! Madness in this day and age to think that it would even take the lack of internet to get us to put our phones down for more than a few minutes, so to have no other option but to do that when you are in the country is very refreshing!

These are some of my favourite reasons for living in the countryside. I know when I was younger it was a pain in the ass to get anywhere that wasn’t cycling distance but looking back I am a lot more glad of growing up like this!

Comment below and let me know which you prefer and why!

6 thoughts on “Reasons To Ditch The City Life

  1. Sometimes we need to move away to find what’s important. I loved being in Ireland. The cities were wonderful but I’d take the country, especially the south..Kinsale or Dingle.

    1. Dingle is one of my favourite places! Even the town alone is quaint and beautiful and has such a local feel, regardless of the amount of visitors it gets every year. The beauty of the Irish countryside is mesmerising!

  2. There are pros and cons to living in the country and the city. But I definitely think in the long term, the countryside wins by a long stretch. It’s nice to experience the city life, and it is quite convenient. But the fresh air, starry skies and a community of people you actually know, encompasses a lot of what we miss out on in this day and age.

    1. Yeah, I definitely agree. From living in the city the ease of getting around and close amenities are a big plus, but the views alone in the countryside win me over ever time!

  3. I’m happier here in the place the culchie was supposedly named for! I’m older and the stress of Dublin isn’t pleasant at all for me anymore. The not-knowing who to keep clear of is big, too – my hubby has hair down to his arse and while he gets comments here, usually a fight isn’t going to happen.
    Wish I could travel like you, though. I’ve not had a proper holiday in at least seven years. At least I still can have some nice day trips of the country.

    1. I know what you mean, even an evening walk has to be taken with caution. I will always love the community spirit that you get in the countryside! Well you could live in a worse country to have day trips in 🙂

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