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Festival Fever: Non-Conventional Essentials

Summer is officially here and the festival season begins! I only went to my first festival two years ago and was instantly in love. Since then I have tried to go to as many as possible (and I have a lot lined up for this Summer already!) and these are some essentials I have learned to bring since then (two things to note – these mostly apply to camping festivals, and I am 100% an over thinker and over planner!)

  • A Portable Charger

Honestly this could be your biggest life saver. I only recently just bought a new phone with amazing battery life, but before that I was struggling along with my battered and bruised iPhone 4s. This phone seriously wouldn’t last 5 hours without being charged even if you weren’t using it! So a portable charger is a must.

  • An Empty Bottle

An empty bottle is great for two things: Being able to bring water with you into the middle of the crowd so you don’t have to leave/acting as a cup to mix your drink in if you’re camping. By having a bottle you can bring around your drink with you anywhere and if you don’t finish it then its no problem unlike an open cup or mug.

  • Face Wipes

The saviour of women everywhere. When camping these can be used for literally everything imaginable. Take off your makeup with them, clean off clothes, clean up spills, use it instead of a shower! The possibilities are seriously endless with these

  • Dry shampoo

Nothing can save your hair like a big ol’ bottle of dry shampoo. No more explanation needed on this one!

  • A Onsie

Onsies are great for three things. 1) Keeping you warm at night if you’re somewhere like Ireland where it will more than likely be cold! 2) Great for wearing to raves at night time, they keep you warm and they look pretty cool too if you have the right one! 3) Perfect for throwing on when you need to run to the bathroom or get food early in the morning and don’t feel like changing.. and who doesn’t love a good onsie?!

  • A pillowcase

By bringing a pillowcase you have a makeshift bag to store things like your underwear and other small items, and then at night time this bag can convert into your very own makeshift pillow! A pillow takes up tonnes of space, so by doing this you kill two birds with one stone!

  • A Bum Bag

Bum bags are an overall lifesaver. I am always really conscious that someone is going to try rob me (mostly because people have done in the past) and having a bum bag is a great way of carrying your stuff around safely and really easily. You don’t even feel yourself wearing it and in the last few years it has even become festival fashion so win win!

I know some of these might seem obvious, but my friends literally never pack any of these things! Aside from the obvious ‘comfortable shoes, hairbrush, wellies’ these really help and if you’re not anal about packing for trips like me they may be things you wouldn’t consider!




3 thoughts on “Festival Fever: Non-Conventional Essentials

  1. Great post! I haven’t been to a festival since my 20s… Which seems like it is quickly becoming an eternity ago. Love the pillow case tip. Would have never thought of that, and yet now that I read this I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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