10 Best Things To Do In New York City

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My brothers took a trip to New York City this week, and with that came a lot of nostalgic memories of my visit last summer. While I was only there for a short while, these are the top things to do when you’re visiting the big apple! 🍏

  1. Visit the top of the Rockerfeller Centre

Visiting the ‘Top of the Rock’ is great. You get an amazing view of NYC and you get to see the Empire State Building as opposed to being on top of it! If you go towards to end of the day you can experience the views both by daytime and nightfall which is beautiful.


2. Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market is such a beautiful little spot. With loads of homemade food, jewellery, etc all for sale you will be hard pushed to find something there you don’t like.

Chelsea Market

3. The High Line

While you’re down by the Chelsea Market, why not take a walk on the high line? A renovated subway line that gives the best views while walking along a peaceful, flowerfilled walkway.


4. Central Park

This obviously had to make the list. This huge city centre park allows you to go from the hustle and bustle of city life into a quiet, beautiful countryside like park. If you are lucky you can even make a free concert there which are held quite often.

Central Park

5. Bryant Park

Although Central Park is the most renowned park in NYC, Bryant Park stole my heart. A tiny space of green surrounded by giant skyscrapers makes hanging out there seem so surreal.

Bryant Park

6. The Brooklyn Bridge

The world famous Brooklyn bridge is something you have to cross off the to-do list while you’re in NYC. My tip would be to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan in order to get the amazing skyline as a backdrop and even though you can cycle it, walking it is more enjoyable and makes the moment last longer.

Brooklyn Bridge

7. Row Boats in Central Park

This was right at the top of my to-do list while I visited NYC but unfortunately I fell ill on the day my friends went. Although I personally didn’t get to do it, they said it was great and it is still definitely something I want to go back and do!

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 43

8. Grand Central Station

If you aren’t even going anywhere it’s still great to pop in and visit Grand Central Station and admire it in all its glory. With people constantly coming and going it’s a really interesting place and the food stalls have so much to offer.

Grand central

9. Time Square at Night

Although it’s cool during the day, Time Square is awesome at night time! There are no other words to explain it other than that.

NYC at night

10. Stroll along 5th Avenue

Home to some of the most expensive stores in all the land, 5th ave is really a sight for sore eyes! It’s so cool to just walk along, take in the skyscrapers and everything that comes with it.

5th ave

Two things I did while staying in New York which aren’t technically in New York City was go to Jersey Gardens – an amazing outlet center! And I also took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure out in New Jersey also so if you’re around New York for more than a few days I would definitely recommend either, if not both of these places!

Have you been to New York? And if so, what were your favourite things to do there? πŸ™‚

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