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Off Topic Thursday: Balance

Recently I have noticed people seem more and more obsessed about what they are eating, and I honestly think that forcing yourself to constantly eat ‘healthy’ isn’t all that healthy. 

It’s been proven that eating ‘clean’ and exercising makes you feel better and gives you more energy. Personally I love a good nutritious meal and the way it makes me feel afterwards – but we are all human! In a conversation with someone I know recently, they ordered their second ever pizza when they were with some friends (thin crust, low fat cheese, spinach and mushroom.. a far cry from a deep dish pepperoni I most likely would have chosen..) and told me how they are trying to convince themselves that they didn’t like it so they wouldn’t try and eat it again. This to me is taking away the little things in life!! (and surely can’t be healthy mentally to try and trick yourself in to feeling a certain way). In another conversation recently, I got questioned as to why I made homemade banana bread with regular flour and why I didn’t substitute the sugar for a healthier alternative. For me, baking something and knowing exactly where it comes from and how much of everything that goes in to it is a healthy alternative.

In the wise words of Gigi Hadid ‘Eat clean, stay fit, and have a burger to stay sane’. Everyone deserves to have a treat every once in awhile, have some fries, a packet of crisps, an entire cake! (well maybe not, but it happens…😣) Keeping on track with your eating is great but sometimes it is inevitable that life will intervene and you will go out for dinner, have a few drinks with friends, possible eat a curry chip and chicken burger drunk at 4 in the morning! But that is just life, and it isn’t something that you should beat yourself up over. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week and eat well for majority of the time but if I mention once that I ate a takeaway at the weekend to certain friends or work colleagues they seriously look down on me for doing so. (I’d like to mention here that I’m about a US size 2/European 34/UK 6 – not really a size where they are trying to help me get to a healthier weight by their judgements)

If you’re happy to eat 100% good foods then go you! I honestly love good food (I even baked organic oat apple and raspberry breakfast muffins just yesterday) but if you’re leading a relatively healthy lifestyle and are happy with where you are in life right now then nobody should judge you for the actions that you take. Our constant struggle to want to look stick thin isn’t healthy, along with the mentality that you can’t enjoy yourself every once and awhile and all food will make you instantly fat.

Moral of the story : life is too short to fret over your oats being organic or not. Just ENJOY yourself every once and awhile. 




11 thoughts on “Off Topic Thursday: Balance

  1. We have simply forgot to eat normal. With all the crazy brought in the world and us sitting on our asses more we have changed our lives.
    Our mistake was to make everything sweeter to begin with just so people would eat. Yes even the darn veggies got more sweeter.

    Clean food does make sense but how much of it has been polluted by the fact we had to increase sweetness.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly we need to keep some sanity. Myself being overweight knows very well I move way less than I used to (most important) though I do not eat excessive or greasy.

    And we should not forget that the health FREAKS bring loads of bad news into the media. Last news is that Processed meats can cause cancer. And so we should stay away from meat as it will be healthier. But no one is talking about the additives to be causing the cancer, no they blame meat.
    We are born omnivores. Ancient times. But that would start a whole other argument that nobody will win. LOL

    Size 34, no shame in that. That is just perfect.

    Oh I so love to rant. hahaha. Now I feel like getting somethng good to eat.


    1. Exactly! I find if you like something then enjoy it for god sake! I’ve heard of avocados being super foods to having too much fat in them to this and that. People and their opinions on food are constantly yo-yoing. Eat what you want, eat it in moderation and smile a bit more! Simples 🙂

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      1. There is this quote. It is the newest trend these days with organic and biological. (makes one wonder what kind of other crap we have been eating when it was called vegetable LOL)

        Try Organic foods: Or as Grandma used to call it, Food.

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  2. YES! I guess there is actually a formal disorder now (called Orthorexia nervosa)unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. say what? PS-I posted that same quote on my FB/IG account earlier today. too funny. same wavelength.

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