Unwritten Rules of the Sky

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For those not scared of flying it can be a really exciting experience hopping on a plane and jetting away. Personally, I love flying no matter the distance or destination, but the experience isn’t always great for a few reasons…..


You had your entire flight planned with watching movies and taking a tactical snooze to be fresh on arrival, you walk on to the plane all guns blazing and your neck pillow already on you. You walk down the aisle counting down the numbers to your seat and your smile slowly fades as you discover you’re sitting in front of, or worse beside one of gods most evil creations.. a child. Now I know that it wouldn’t be feasible to ban children from aeroplane’s but god, wouldn’t that be the dream?! These little devils will kick, scream, throw food.. pretty much cause every disturbance known to man that is possible while 30,000 feet in the air. On the upside, everything that can happen on your trip away from here onward will be brilliant in comparison to the nightmare that you have sat through, but they have a unique and brilliant ability to dim the light of all departing excitement making your first day a tired, ear ringing blur.

Loud Groups

Admittedly I think we have all been a part of this obnoxious and loud party. But the last thing you want, and especially not on the flight home is to be joined by the most enthusiastic, drunken bunch of people to ever grace your presence. Oh, another round of drinks you are having? Great! I can’t wait for you to get even louder! Call me the Grinch of fun but once I get on a plane the last thing I want is to listen to a large group of people hollering about this and that.. All I want is to sleep!

Fighting Couples

This can be both funny and annoying.. depending where you are sitting and how it plays out. Getting stuck beside a couple on the verge of breaking up, tears streaming and screaming loving plees while taking intervals to passionately kiss is a N I G H T M A R E. I hate public displays of affection, but public displays of depressed, crying affection is so, so much worse. How are you meant to concentrate on your next episode of House of Cards if you can’t here over their cheating accusations?!

The Talker

It is really nice to get some friendly conversation going on a flight, especially when you are on your own or if the person is elderly (because elderly people just melt my heart regardless of their attitude haha!) but it can be a pain to get seated beside Mr.Chatterbox and fail to get any time to relax on the flight as it is all spent talking. Some people may love this as it would make the journey go faster, you can learn some really interesting things about that person and so on but when you are tired and sick of travelling its hard to keep conversation up with the best of friends, let alone strangers! Exchanging niceties and then leaving each other to their own business every once in awhile is the way forward in my opinion!


Let me know in the comments the type of airplane strangers that grinds your gears! (maybe there is none, maybe I’m just an angry little woman haha!) 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Unwritten Rules of the Sky

    1. I should have added that to my list! Same goes for any enclosed space like an office or classroom with a cough-er! Pity we all turn in to that person every once and awhile haha!

  1. I agree with kids! one flight I had a child in front of me who constantly stood up and pulled faces which was kind of cute until she done it and we paid no notice and she screamed to get attention! x

  2. I was on a flight with a bunch of teenagers headed to a mission trip, the entire flight just chattering teens, it was so bad that the stewardess comped our drinks.

  3. Quite certain I was probably the most hated person on a flight back from Canada a few years ago. Got sick on our trip, was coughing, congested, and blowing my nose every 4 minutes. Yep. I was THAT person! I hated myself.

    1. Haha! I got in such a bad coughing fit in a lecture in University that the lecturer stopped talking in front of 400 students to ask was I okay… but if you gotta cough, you gotta cough!

  4. Next to the person wearing waaaayyyyy too much perfume! Ugh! I keep some lemon or eucalyptus scented wipes in my bag, just to pull out in “self-defense” when this happens!

  5. oh man, I cannot agree more! I love to meet new random people and talk. but there really is a limit to it. if i have my book up in my face that means i don’t want to communicate, nor do i want to hand over my phone number so we can whatsapp when we reach the ground but some people just do not get it! though, the classic reading pretense work like 90% of the time.

    children are really terrifying too. some are cute as a button, but that’s until they start screaming. what i don’t understand is how some parents dont do their homework before taking their little babies on the plane. the pressure changes, their ear hurts, they will scream and cry, so PLEASE, take something out for the baby to suck on.


  6. People that are rough with their tables behind you XD. Nothing like constant up-and-down tugging of the table and fist-pounding to add some in-plane turbulence and wake you from your sleep.

  7. People who take off their shoes and who stretch their long legs into my space! Ugh! I will say I have two children and we travel a lot and their has literally never been a flight where I haven’t been complimented about how awesome they are. Not all kids are annoying on airplanes.

  8. I dislike all of these types of seat mates and more! With people getting bigger and the seats getting smaller, I have to say I really dislike the people that spill over their seat and on top of other passengers. No fun at al!

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