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Off Topic Thursday: Cats

Truth be told, I am a crazy old cat lady in the making. This isn’t a recent discovery – I have been slowly but surely growing in to once since I got my first furry friend of my own at around 6 years of age. I have had cats ever since, and just recently moved away from home and got two little kittens of my own (one of them is in the top left picture underneath, incase you were wondering!) with a lot of questions from peers such as ‘but why?’ ‘would you not get a dog?’ and a few comments in between dissing cats and how horrible they think they are.. which led me to writing this post.

I think the reason so many people dislike cats is because they have never had a good experience with one. For those who have only ever grown up with a dog they will more than likely much prefer dogs to cats, claiming that they are more loyal, etc, etc… but they have never experienced the love of a cat before (and yes, it is actually possible).

PicMonkey Collage

If those who think cats are ‘evil’ and not loyal looked into this a bit more they would find out that cat’s are indeed loyal – but trust has to be built first. Unlike dogs who crave social interaction and have descended from animals who hunt and travel in packs, cats are more solitary creatures. A cat will not run up to you if it does not know you, but once a bond is created it will follow you, cry for you when you are not around and play for you as much as any dog would. A lot of people will have had a bad experience with a cat scraping them at some stage or another and I can’t argue that some cats are a bit claw crazy – but I would be lying if I said I had never been chased by a dog, attempted to be attacked by a dog, scraped or even bitten by one because it happens! But I have met far more friendly, nice dogs than I have scary bad ones and I haven’t let the bad experiences tarnish my thoughts on them.

Personally, I like that cats have a sense of independence about them. I like that they don’t have to be tended to every minute and are just as okay with sitting on your lap as they are with sitting on the seat across the room from you. Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge soft spot for dogs (I mean, massive soft spot!) and love a good doggie cuddle, but overall I think I prefer a cats demeanour.

I find that people are so outward about their hate for cats and I can’t understand how someone could sound so disgusted that I have them, even though they might not have to go anywhere near them! If you want a cat? Get a cat! If you want a snake? Get a snake! You want a horse? Get a horse! Honestly it shouldn’t matter what animal you have as long as you love it and take care of it 🙂

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Is there any reason why? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Off Topic Thursday: Cats

  1. Cats for sure! I also talked about this a couple days back on my blog! I got my first cat where I was merely 3 years old (she ran away only 2 hours later and was never to be found) and I have had them ever since. There is something so proud as well as independent of them that I love (I probably would not mind dogs but majority of them are whining for your company all.the.time.). Besides, darn cats are cute!

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  2. I always thought I was a dog person until I rescued my first cat. She was the seed of satan, but she and I had a bond. I had rescued 3 more of my own since Bella came along 11 years ago. They’re all so different. I hate when people say that animals don’t have emotions or personalities. They’ve obviously never owned one. The 3 that I have now (Bella passed away in November sadly) provide the best entertainment, an undying love and a comforting purr whenever I need one. I would still like a dog, but I’m not in a position to have one just yet. For now though, I’ll be a cat person. Maybe I always will be! 🙂

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    1. I definitely agree.. some people just see them ask scratching furr balls (which they are!) but there is a lot more to them! I live in a small apartment at the moment and while I also would like a dog, it is a better environment for a cat.. and I’m very content with them both! 🙂


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