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When in Rome…..

Rome is a popular tourist destination for people all over the world and with several people giving me their input on what to see and where to go before I set off the only advice I can give someone for when they are in Rome is to make no plan at all. Getting lost in Rome is one of the best things you could ever do. The city has history creeping from every single corner and even the buildings that aren’t listed in the major places to visit are astounding.

Upon arriving I spent from 1:30-11:00 walking throughout the city with no idea where I was going and in doing this I came across The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Altare della Patria , The Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, The Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, The Roman Forums and The Colosseum. We saw nearly all of the major landmarks in the centre of Rome by simply roaming (ba dum bum chee!) Rome has many forms of public transport to help get you from A-Z but honestly by walking on foot you can enter every amazing church you see, have a coffee in any cute café of your choice, stumble upon some of the most fantastic monuments in history and get in a bit of exercise to burn off all that pasta and pizza on top of it all!

This Capital is so different from any other. The normal hustle and bustle of city life is lost completely within the walls of this city with not a person in sight in a rush – making even the busiest of streets a pleasure to wander through. It is an amazing city, and in getting lost in it you can be sure greatness will be found.



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