The Worst Types of Travel Companions

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Whether it is to go and explore or simply to get away from the world, we all have our different reasons for going travelling. But sometimes the bliss of escaping the world can be compromised by one single person and their actions. As you might know from my thoughts on travelling solo, I’m all for having travelling companions but sometimes you have to learn the hard way on who makes a great travel buddy and who to leave behind.

Here is some of the worst kind of companions to bring with you abroad:

  1. The Cheapskate

I’m only recently finished college and truth be told I have roughed it up in quite a few places due to lack of money but sometimes you need to put your poorness aside and realize what you need to spend money on. I am all for sharing a bed with a friend to save a few pound or making a sandwich to skip a lunch out if it means I have the funds to go do something cool but little things like not paying for a taxi when the walk will eat time out of your schedule to save €3 really grinds my gears! I think there is a really fine line between budgeting and just being a complete cheapskate and if you are one of these people, you need to learn to prioritize!

  1. The Partier

I’m up for a good night out as much as the next person and in the right setting one of these troopers could be the best person you ever brought with you – BUT if you’re not on a week-long binge and actually want to do activities during the day then this person can be your worst nightmare. Endlessly planning activities around the next drink and dragging you out until the early hours of the morning making you a zombie for your day of adventure you had planned are not the attributes of an ideal travelling buddy.  This type of person lives for jetting off to Ibiza and Santa Ponsa, so leave them behind if you want a quiet city break in Europe… or anywhere else.

  1. The Selfish One

Truth be told, we all want to get our own way – and who wouldn’t?! But there is nothing worse than someone who is not up for compromise while on a trip. They have an entire itinerary in their head and if you step out of line then lord have mercy on your soul because all hell will break loose! I thoroughly enjoy getting what I want (like most women!), but there has to be compromise and especially if you are in a group. Not everyone will want to do the same things you want to do, so forcing them will only end badly for everyone involved!

  1. The Lazy One

You would be crazy not to enjoy a lie in every once and awhile or sit on the beach for an entire day not lifting a finger but sometimes people can seriously take the piss! If you want to fly half way around the world to experience a new country from underneath your duvet and only crawl out in the middle of the evening to grab some food and a drink then you are not the travel companion for me! I love relaxing while I am away, but even getting up at 9 in the morning to relax beside the pool is better than spending your time and money tangled in the sheets of a hotel bedroom. Get up, get dress and experience the place you paid to come and visit!

  1. The Princess

It’s nice to give yourself the princess (or prince!) treatment every once and awhile, especially when you are abroad.. but everything has its limits. Being too high maintenance and turning your nose up at every hotel, bar and restaurant because it’s not good enough is quite frankly not good enough for me. This category might be a bit bias as I am the complete opposite end of the scale as I will eat and lay my head to rest pretty much anywhere that will let me but people who think they are too good for just about everything really gets to me. Sit down on your budget airline seat and enjoy your McDonald’s meal dammit!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall into all of these categories at least once.. But hey, I guess I was someone else’s problem then.. 😉

If you have any other pet hates or disagree with the list above, comment and let me know!


26 thoughts on “The Worst Types of Travel Companions

  1. Another couple joined us on this recent cruise. We had one rule: No one is obligated to do ANYTHING! This means that if you want to do something different from us, or vise versa, go for it! We will join up later and share stories! So there were days when couple #2 went snorkeling while hubs and I explored inland. Perfect! Made for great dinner conversation and picture sharing!

  2. The Complainer

    Maybe a version of the Princess (or vice versa). That person, who no matter what, finds something to complain about. You have a great day at the hot springs, “I wish it wasn’t so warm out”; fantastic day in the dunes “I wish it wasn’t so cool today”; a perfect sunset over a magical landscape and they’re crying about how poor their photos turned out. SMH

    Sometimes I just want to shake them and say “Hey, your in ‘location’, shut up and stop whining”.
    The Complainer is the travel companion that I least like to explore the world with.


  3. I had traveled with a friend who unbeknownst to me was drinking excessively months prior to our trip. With a beer here or there, I wasn’t one to be getting wasted on my travels. This friend of mine ended up being in some of the worst moods I’d ever seen! And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, she was going through withdrawal from alcohol. She was one of the worst people to travel with at the time!! 😑

  4. Great post! 😀 I have a companion that wouldn’t really make the list, as he/she isn’t necessary annoying, but I sometimes let it get to me. The person that experiences their travels through their cameras. Of course I make lots of pictures during my travels, it would be a shame would’nt I, but I know when to put down my camera and enjoy the beautiful view, the majestic animals or whatever it is I am spectating, with my own eyes. I found that some people take pictures and leave without taking in the moment/view. I think that’s such a waste as you’re right there, but they just care about the pictures. 😛

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I’m nearly the opposite – I take barely any pictures and then curse myself for it when I get home because I have barely anything to remember it by but I just love soaking up the moment!

  5. Very nice post! But I would add an another lazy type, who wants to travel, but doesnt want to do anything to help with planning, organizing, searching for flights, hostels, connections, things to see… or does his part quickly and not really well.
    have a nice day! I am putting you on my follow lost 🙂

  6. Heehee, loved this! I think anything in extremes makes for a bad travelling companion… Even being too happy-go-lucky, “I don’t mind, what do you want to do”! Put two people like that together on holiday and they won’t manage to see or do anything!

  7. I’m definitely the cheap skate, but that was mainly wanting to camp as much as possible rather than hostel too much as i think sometimes once you have a comfy bed it’s difficult to stop yourself doing it over and over again!

  8. Pearls of wisdom!!! I agree with every word of yours…its very very important to choose the right set of people to travel with…for example, I enjoy simply walking for hours to discover any new place…and once travelled with a friend who got exhausted after the first hour…nothing wrong in it…but, I think he got bored a lot more than I was…and I felt bad about it! Thankfully, he wasn’t a prince(ss) 🙂

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