The Grandest of Canyons

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I took a day trip to the Grand Canyon back in 2013. We decided to rent two cars and head on our way in convoy – ten of us all mashed together into two small metal sweat boxes! It took hours upon hours (like, way longer than it should have!) because the cars got separated and we happened to not have a working phone in one car so there was no means of contact. And just like that the giant goose chase was in session!

We visited while on our J1 visaIMG_0958, and since we were all working we could not all travel together. The group who travelled before us left an awful lot to the imagination, pretty much describing it as a huge hole in the ground that was boring and they wouldn’t go to see again – fast forward six hours into the car journey, lost and minus half the pack my mind could not help but wonder if this trip was worth ditching work for and heading away.

IMG_0973Everyone always says how the world works in mysterious ways, right? And with the Grand Canyon being 277 miles in length and no plan made before embarking it was a god given miracle that while we sat in the carpark of a Yavapai point, depressed that we couldn’t find our friends and giving up hope to go for a snooze that our friends tapped on our car window exclaiming how they thought we had crashed and how they were so happy to see us! Yes, we actually managed to bump in to each other after taking completely random routes to the Grand Canyon. Obviously, spirits were high so we got out of the car and set out to explore!

From The Inner Canyon we made it to Hopi point which had an amazing view from the canyon. We found a ledge that we climbed down to and dangled our feet off the edge as we all sat together. It was A-MAZ-ING. We actually trusted all our phones with complete strangers up above to take these pictures but it was so worth it for the photo op!


The second we arrived and looked out towards the view, you instantly feel a sense of serenity and peace. I’m not a big one for emotion but this place makes you feel SO calm. Looking out into the amazing distance, absolutely nothing is moving – it barely looks real and there is pure silence. What my friends said about it being boring and just a hole in the ground was NOT true at all. I think this was a clear they missed the true beauty of this National Park. We went to many more viewpoints than the ones named, but these are the ones which I recall the most and that are featured in the pictures.FullSizeRender

Grand Canyon is somewhere everyone should experience if given the chance.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of it when you were there or if you would like to go see it! 😄

14 thoughts on “The Grandest of Canyons

  1. My parents had tentative plans to take us a few years ago, but then life happened and we changed plans. It’s definitely on my wish-list though 🙂

  2. What I found was that the pictures you’ve seen of the Grand Canyon cannot in any way prepare you for its immense size and majesty. When you’re there, and you’re standing next to some scraggly desert bush on the edge of a massive chasm in the earth, you look across in the distance and see little dots of green along the edges of the canyon. You then realize those green dots that are merely a pixel in your pictures, are the same sort of bushes you’re standing next to. It gives you a tangible sense of scale and the jaw-dropping “Wow” that occurs with that knowledge just cannot be explained to someone that has never been there.

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