The Vegas Experience; 21 Over & Under

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My Two Las Vegas Experiences

So although I’m only twenty one I’ve been lucky enough to go to Las Vegas twice already! Once at 19 and again at 21. Both trips were pretty short and amazing but very different. For this post I’m going to go through the different experiences and what I did both under and over age in the amazing city!

21 and Under:


Being under-age in Las Vegas didn’t dull the experience for me at all. It wasn’t about winning or losing money or getting really drunk for us, but just about enjoying the time that we had there since the trip was only for two nights. We were all currently living down in Newport Beach so we rented a car and went the only days we were all free which were a Tuesday and Wednesday night during the summer. We stayed at the MGM Grand with five of us squeezed into two double beds, but the beds were so huge it really didn’t make a difference! The MGM is amazing and really huge, but doesn’t have the same quirky theme that most of the other hotels on the strip have which made the experience a small bit less exciting. The first time I went, since I was not the legal age to drink (in America at least) it meant that we didn’t go to any nightclubs whatsoever. This meant we were pretty fresh when we woke up and spent a lot of our time walking the strip and looking at the various different places and hotels and really taking in the scenery which was really amazing! We were really broke going on this trip so we just went window shopping but the whole city was so amazing to us it was an experience in itself just walking around! We still got all dressed for the night life but spent all our time in the different casinos just wandering around and taking in the scenery.  The crazy part is that people really aren’t lying when they say that the place is pumped with air to keep you awake – both nights in a row we walking out of the casinos to find ourselves standing in daylight and checking our phones in confusion to find that it was 6 in the morning! One of the big downsides of this trip wasn’t being underage but that we chose to go on a Wednesday night. The entire place turned in to a ghost town. I’m not sure if it was a bad time of year (the height of summer?!) or if people just don’t go to Vegas on a Wednesday but it put a downer on the fun a small bit and I vowed not to spend another Wednesday there again! Because we didn’t attend any nightclubs we were constantly fresh and got to see Las Vegas at night time and daytime to its full extent and we actually remember everything that we did which was a great plus! Overall I would say if you’re not too crazy about drinking then I wouldn’t worry about being under age in Las Vegas because you can have a great time regardless! There is so much to see both during the day and night and with huge shopping centres, amazing hotels and pools, great live shows, etc that alcohol isn’t a necessity.


21 and Over:

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This time was a lot different to the first time I was in Las Vegas. There were five of us again (four completely different people) and we were all of drinking age. The trip was a bit longer than the last time and extended to three nights instead of two. We really didn’t waste any time once we landed in Vegas. This time we took a plane from New York so we were all pretty tired but excited once we arrived. Once again there were five of us sharing two double beds but this time I stayed in The Luxor. This is the hotel shaped like a giant pyramid and has an Egyptian theme which really adds to the stay! Straight away we got ready and went to Hakkasan in the MGM Grand to see Tiёsto. I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I had never been to a nightclub in Las Vegas before but it didn’t disappoint! We didn’t explore the huge venue much because we were keen to see Tiёsto but that floor alone was amazing. We finished the night by staying around the casinos for a while before crawling in to bed. Unfortunately for us, we were going to Wet Republic the day after which was also in the MGM Grand (it would have made a lot more sense to stay in the MGM Grand this time around!). We had already bought our tickets to go see Calvin Harris and it was an insane pool party but the drinks were pretty expensive and I think it is just to OCD inside me that was kind of creeped out by the amount of sweaty people all in a pool at once, but I digress! Even though it was a middle of the day event we all crawled right back in to bed to recharge the batteries. One or two attempted to solider on but no man was standing come 7pm! Three of us managed to peel ourselves from our beds and do ourselves up to have a look around the casinos. We didn’t really bother drinking but more so went for a wander and made a few random friends. Once again the air tricked me yet again (you think I would have learned my lesson?!) and I had a large breakfast buffet before getting back to bed at 8 the next morning! Trying an all you can eat breakfast buffet is a serious must by the way! Our third day was a day of pure rest and we spent quite a few hours by the pool wasting away the hours before deciding to head to Omnia Nightclub in Caesars Palace (from The Hangover). Really embracing the Las Vegas feeling we even took a limo to the nightclub! We were lucky enough to be given tickets to go in as well as VIP access which was fun, but the real fun started when we left the VIP area and went to the front of the dancefloor to rave to Eva Shaw. Even though we had seen two of the biggest DJ’s in the world already that weekend I can safely say I thought on the night that Eva Shaw was the best of them all! Hakkasan was also the first night club in Las Vegas I had been in and I was told it was the best in Las Vegas but the amazing lighting fixture in the middle of the dancefloor, the giant candy theme which made you feel like you were walking through a level of Candy Crush and the dancers suspended from the ceiling made it easily the most amazing place I had ever been! Once again my bed was seen at a ridiculous time of the morning but the hectic weekend will be something I will remember forever! Fast forward a few hours into Monday morning and five girls were lying in the Luxor hallway cursing the decision to put our bodies through such torture.. but I would have done it all over again!

Although the Over 21 experience was a bit more detailed it’s because it involved an extra day and going to more events because we were legally old enough to go this time around. In saying this I would encourage anyone who is over in America who has the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to go even if they are underage because although the experiences are quite different they were both absolutely amazing. Just make sure you have a day or two to recover afterwards because no matter what you do – you’ll need it!

11 thoughts on “The Vegas Experience; 21 Over & Under

  1. Personally, as a then-22 year old, Vegas wasn’t for me. It was great to experience it for a couple of days but I had no intention of spending hundreds of dollars on queueing for nightclubs. The desert drive was great, the pool parties were great, the Hoover Dam was great, and I’ll be returning for the Canyon.

    It was fun to be given bottomless drinks while you chat around a blackjack table but eventually you think “hang on… I’ve got no money left”.

    1. I should point out that I didn’t hate Vegas, I absolutely loved the first two days. Days three to five, not so much! I’d recommend it to everyone, but only for one or two nights!

  2. I completely agree.. while it’s a great experience, it’s never somewhere I would venture for a weeks holiday! A little bit too sleazy to spend a full holiday there, but great as a stop over for some excitement!

  3. I’m kind of ashamed that I haven’t been to Vegas yet. I gleaned three things from this blog. 1) avoid Wet Republic at all costs 2) do the breakfast buffet 3) when I am broke and weeping at a slot machine, and I’m wondering where all the young people are, I now know they are out dancing. Not losing all their money like old alcoholics. Anyways, great post – I like your writing. : )

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