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My name is Emily and I have one simple aim – to see as much of the world as I can before it’s too late! This blog is more than just sharing my traveling insights and tips with you as I go on my journeys, as it also doubles up as my own personal travel diary keeping all my memories and experiences alive.

Unfortunately, I have travelled quite a bit before starting this up – these travels are something which I will hopefully get to write about at some stage but better late than never to start, and I have plenty more of the world to see!


To give you a small background if you don’t know me, I am a young Irish girl who is extremely thankful to be a part of a group of friends who adore travelling as much as I do! Although there is nothing wrong with travelling around on your own, I find that nothing beats experiencing new places and cultures with the people you love the most! The experiences are great, but getting to relive the memories and stories with the people I shared them with is one of my favourite parts of seeing the world. So far we have embarked on adventures to the east and west coast of America (with plenty states in between!), the Netherlands, Croatia and short but sweet trips to Mexico and Canada.

I have finished college which means the endless holiday days are officially over and I have to cram my sightseeing into weekends, public holidays and those few short (way, way too short….) days of annual leave I have.. But I love my job and I don’t think become a full time globe trotter is an option for me just yet… but one can dream!

2016 has only just begun and I had all my trips for the year planned by the middle of January! If there is one thing that keeps me motivated it’s something to look forward to! Killing two birds with one stone, the Christmas present for my boyfriend this year was a trip to Rome so the first adventure began at the end of February which brings me on to my very first travel post! I hope you enjoy..

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